Report Water Waste in the City of Ventura



You are the eyes and ears of the community. Whenever you see water being wasted -- a broken irrigation pipe, a malfunctioning irrigation sprinkler, a faucet left running, or something similar – action needs to be taken.


The most direct and prompt action is to talk to your neighbor or the business owner and let them know what you are seeing. Many times people are not aware that there is a problem with their irrigation system or that hosing the driveway is not allowed. As a community, we must work together to save our water.


If you don’t know them, complete this form to report the issue or contact Ventura Water Customer Care at or (805) 667-6500. **If you have a digital photo of the issue, please email it to and reference that you submitted the specific information via this form.**


While City staff will investigate all reports and offer assistance in resolving the problem, to protect our customer’s privacy, we will not provide feedback to you regarding our specific follow-up actions. If you see the water misuse again after 7 days, please submit another report. We would appreciate your contact information in case there are questions but you may submit this form anonymously. Thank you for helping Ventura save water.