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2012 Water: Take 1 Winners

Presented in partnership with Patagonia and Limoneira's Limco Del Mar,  Water: Take 1 and its film contest is an exciting initiative that highlights our relationship with water:  How we look at it, how we use it and how we share it.

From March 22, 2012 through September 4, 2012, filmmakers from across the globe were invited to submit their short films (less than five minutes) that address the topic of water at watertake1.com. The voting for the Audience Choice Award continued until October 4, 2012.




Three awards - Grand Jury Prize, Best Student Short Film and Audience Choice Award - were presented at a special community event on November 8, 2012 hosted by Brooks Institute of Photography at their Ventura campus' sound stage. More than 125 attendees watched as the $1,500 Grand Prize was awarded to the film “Water,” directed by Peter Jansen, who is from the Netherlands. “Water” was chosen by a distinguished jury of entertainment and environmental professionals, who also selected the film “Quotient,” directed by Alexander Powell of San Diego, as the winner of the Best Student Short Film Award.

 A local family from Newbury Park submitted the film, “Don’t Blow H2O,” directed by Jo and John Lazo, which received the most votes at watertake1.com and won the Audience Choice Award. The entire Lazo family helped make the film, which costars the kids, John and Elle, as two children who become more aware of water conservation. The film includes a special rap song written by the family and performed by John and Elle in the video.

The Water: Take 1 film finalists, considered by the Grand Jury for the top prize, were also screened at the event.  Over 35 short films entered the contest and will remain online at watertake1.com for viewing until next spring.

Water: Take 1  First Year In Review Summary (pdf 2,109KB)

2012 Water: Take 1 Winning Films

Water, directed by Peter Jansen
Jury Awarded Grand Prize: $1,500, Sponsored by Limoneira

Don't Blow H2O, directed by Jo and John Lazo
Audience Award: Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera, Sponsored by Patagonia

Quotient, directed by Alexander Powell
Best Student Short Film Award:  One-year subscription to Lynda.com, consulting services with Will Allen, Creative Director of Never Without A Picture, and a $200 Patagonia gift certificate.  Presented by AECOM

2012 Top 10 Finalist Films

The following 10 finalists were selected from the 35 films submitted to the contest and were considered by the jury for the top prize:

A Salton Soul, directed by Mike Agnew, Greg Balkin and Tim Kressin
Produced by: Sally Rubin
Cast:  June Eilers
Synopsis:  The story of the decay and life of the Salton Sea told through the memories of June Eiler.

Drop Drop, directed by Daniel Yonathan and Celeste Barbosa
Written by Daniel Yonathan
Produced by Daniel Yonathan, Avery Kentis
Cast:  Juan Carasco, Jacob Yung, and Daniel Yonathan
Synopsis:  In “Drop Drop” avoiding an issue doesn’t fix it.

Ocean Friendly Gardens, directed by Rich Reid
Produced by:  Surfrider Foundation – Ventura Chapter
Cast:  Dan Long, Cynthia Hartley
Synopsis: Ocean Friendly Gardens is a community of volunteers converting lawns into water capturing and pollution filtering gardens that prevent runoff to our rivers and oceans

Storm’s End, directed by Aaron Schmidt
Produced by:  Eddie Rabun, Aaron Schmidt
Cast:  Matt Schutte, Chris Charney
Synopsis: A film for those that embrace the ocean as a refuge for adventure, inspiration, or solace away from modern society.

The Forgotten Cycle, directed by Sahana Singh
Produced by Sahana Singh
Synopsis: The Forgotten Cycle tells the story of mismanagement of the water cycle in a blue planet sustained by water. Problems of over-use, pollution and leakage of water are highlighted. A paradigm shift in thinking is advocated.

The Journey of Water, directed by Alex Uvari
Written and produced by Alex Uvari
Cast; Diane Beeler, Alex Uvari
Synopsis: An exploration of the ways in which to preserve water and conserve it for future use.

The Sea, directed by Caryn Sandoval
Written by Caryn Sandoval
Produced by:  Brendan Cleak, Caryn Sandoval
Cast:  Caryn Sandoval
Synopsis: A young woman learns to adapt to the fundamental motions of life.

Water, directed by Peter Jansen
Written by:  Erico Mukunza
Produced by: Slumtalenttrust
Cast: T-S-l
Synopsis: Water is an essential need that is a fact that we cannot negate; it is needed almost always in carrying out so much. This composition communicates to us against wasting this imperative resource. It is life indeed.

Water, directed by Ramesh Selvarajah
Written by: Sujeenthan
Produced by: Sebasan Jey
Cast:  Kande, Nimalan
Synopsis:  “Water” addresses the potential water shortage in the future and why we shouldn't waste the water in the present.

We Are H2O, directed by Michael Carroll
Written and Produced by Patrick Saldaa
Synopsis: An enlightening swim.

Water: Take 1 Media


By Maryann Ridini Spencer
November 2012

“Using every drop wisely and improving our water cycles is essential to the continued health of our planet,” said Shana Epstein, General Manager of Ventura Water. “In the United States, we don’t think twice about whether clean water will come out of the tap when we turn on the faucet - to get a glass of water, to do the dishes, to wash our face, or brush our teeth.”

To elevate the value of water, Ventura Water, partnered with Limoneira’s Limco Del Mar, Patagonia and IThentic for the inaugural Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Contest, to highlight our relationship with water and promote water awareness, efficiency and recycling programs.

“We chose to do an online film contest with a water focus,” continued Epstein, “because members of our community, as well as on a national and global level, must begin to recognize the importance of water and its infrastructure. With the contest, we hope to engage intelligent and creative conversation between leadership, businesses and the community.”

Filmmakers from across the globe were invited to submit short films less than five minutes in any genre (drama, documentary, comedy, animation, Sci-fi or experimental) that address the topic of water at the contest’s online site at watertake1.com from March 22 through September 4, 2012.  The films submitted competed for three awards which were presented at a community celebration hosted by Brooks Institute in November. 

It’s been well documented that in the United States alone that there are large areas of infrastructure over 100 years old and in need of replacement and repair.  However, in many countries, such as parts of Africa and India, there is a lack of infrastructure period.  This lack of infrastructure has a serious impact on the health and economy of those regions causing a negative ripple effect throughout the globe.

“The responsibility to preserve our environment, our water sources, and maintain our infrastructure systems lies with the people – the water consumers,” said Epstein.  “We must work together now to create practical solutions that will safeguard the health of future generations.”

In Ventura, one of California’s oldest coastal cities, there are many areas where infrastructure is ending its useful lifespan and will need replacement over the next few decades.  While projects and plans are underway to improve this invaluable infrastructure, it isn’t without cost.  Generations ago, and up until the Reagan administration, infrastructure was virtually maintained by grants from the Federal government, without cities having to repay the grant funding.  However, most of these types of grants are no longer available due to budget cuts.  As a result, water customers across America now bear the full financial responsibility of infrastructure maintenance, replacement and improvement.  Water rates during the pre-Reagan era were offset by infrastructure grants and did not reflect the true cost of providing water.  This is one of the main reasons why water rates today seem to be rising so quickly.

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