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The technology and reliability of water treatment facilities are the most important factors affecting drinking water safety. Of course, all water drawn from rivers and lakes requires appropriate treatment to be truly fit for human consumption. Much of the world’s groundwater also requires some level of treatment. As water circles the globe in an unending cycle it encounters all manner of natural and man made constituents. All water is in fact used water. But over many decades water engineers have mastered the technologies needed to turn used water into healthful, refreshing drinking water. The health of millions of people across the world depends each day upon the reliable application of such technologies and has done so for generations. 

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Technologies now exist to treat used water (wastewater effluent from our treatment plant) to purity levels far above that needed to produce drinking water. It is Ventura Water’s responsibility to provide a sufficient supply of high quality drinking water to its customers. Ventura Water takes this responsibility seriously and for this reason we are investigating options to provide a sustainable water supply utilizing wastewater effluent. Several places in California are applying such advanced treatment technologies to wastewater effluent as part of a potable water reuse strategy. These technologies will also be employed at our VenturaWaterPure Demonstration Plant. Other locations taking advantage of these technologies include West Basin Municipal Water District and the Orange County Water District. The City of Ventura, too, may become a world leader in sustainable water management by providing virtually unheard of levels of water quality and multiple failsafe monitoring techniques while also protecting the Santa Clara River Estuary. 

The purpose of the VenturaWaterPure Demonstration facility is to provide the opportunity for the public to visit the plant, see the technology and answer their questions about a safe and sustainable water supply. We invite you to visit the Pilot Facility and help us answer the question of whether Ventura should treat water for tomorrow from the best available technologies today.

We look forward to your visit!

Shana Epstein
General Manager, Ventura Water