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Public Announcements 2015 

Lake Casitas: Low Lake Levels Impacting Water Color and Taste

The Cities of Ventura and Ojai and surrounding areas that rely on water from Lake Casitas are experiencing a change in color (and/or odor and taste changes) of their drinking water.  Lake Casitas is down sixty three feet as a result of the current, historic drought.  The combination of low lake levels with warmer temperatures creates a drop in oxygen levels causing Manganese to be released from sediments from the bottom of the lake.  The Manganese contributes to the water color change that customers are noticing at the tap.  Taste and odor issues are related to an algae bloom. To read more click on the press release below!

Press Release, August 18, 2015Lake Casitas: Low Lake Levels Now Impacting Water Color 

What Is Ventura Doing?

All across California, communities are responding to deepening drought conditions.  As we adapt, this page will serve as an up-to-date clearinghouse of Ventura's programs and actions to save our water.

Water Saved in 2017!

Water Saved in 2016!

Question: How Much Water Did Ventura Save during 2015?  Answer: 19% Reduction 



This graph represents Ventura's water usage for 2015 compared to 2013. These numbers are based on water production data, which is the State required reporting methodology for assessing the effectiveness of each community's water reduction efforts.  1 Acre Foot per year = 325,851 gallons or about enough water to supply three single family homes for 1 year.


Jun 2014 vs Jun 2013 = 5% reduction
Jul 2014 vs Jul 2013 = 6% reduction
Aug 2014 vs Aug 2013 = 9.5% reduction
Sep 2014 vs Sep 2013 = 12.5% reduction
Oct 2014 vs Oct 2013 = 16.16% reduction
Nov 2014 vs Nov 2013 = 14% reduction
Dec 2014 vs Dec 2013 = 29.95% reduction
Jan 2015 vs Jan 2013 = 4.22% reduction
Feb 2015 vs Feb 2013 = 13.39% reduction
Mar 2015 vs Mar 2013 = 7.16% reduction
Apr 2015 vs Apr 2013 = 12.69% reduction
May 2015 vs May 2013 = 24% reduction
June 2015 vs June 2013 = 26% reduction
July 2015 vs July 2013 = 25% reduction
August 2015 vs August 2013 = 23% reduction
September 2015 vs September 2013 = 25% reduction
October 2015 vs October 2013 = 25% reduction
November 2015 vs November 2013 = 15% reduction
December 2015 vs December 2013 = 15% reduction

Jan 2016 vs Jan 2013 = 16% reduction
Feb 2016 vs Feb 2013 = 13% reduction
Mar 2016 vs Mar 2013 = 23% reduction
Apr 2016 vs Apr 2013 = 23% reduction
May 2016 vs May 2013 = 25% reduction
June 2016 vs June 2013 = 22% reduction
July 2016 vs July 2013 = 22% reduction
August 2016 vs August 2013 = 21% reduction
September 2016 vs September 2013 = 23% reduction
October 2016 vs October 2013 = 24% reduction
November 2016 vs November 2013 = 24% reduction

December 2016 vs December 2013 = 30% reduction

2014 vs 2013 = 7.05% reduction

2015 vs 2013 = 19.0% reduction

2016 vs 2013 = 22.34% reduction

Stage 3 Water Emergency Update - June 2015

On June 15th, 2015 the City Council passed and adopted the updated drought ordinance and resolution to include the California State Water Resources Control Board's additional water prohibitions outlined by the Governor.

Ordinance No. 2015 - 007
Resolution 2015 No. 2015 - 031


Stage 3 Water Emergency Declared - September 2014

On September 22, 2014, the City Council declared a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency in the City of Ventura and adopted outdoor watering restrictions to achieve a 20% water use reduction goal, as required by the State Water Resources Control Board.

In addition to the water waste prohibitions already in effect, all residents are now required to:

  • Limit outdoor watering through a sprinkler irrigation system to only two (2) days a week (a week is defined as Sunday through the following Saturday).
  • Water only between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. (Due to evaporation, more water is lost during warmer daytime hours and it is more efficient to water during these hours.)

More information


Community Involvement

In July 2014, the City Council created a Water Shortage Task Force to provide community input as the City responds to the drought.  The Task Force's first meeting was August 13, 2014 and all customers and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this important process.  Please visit their page for meeting and agenda information as well as how to contact them.

On July 30, nearly 50 customers attended an Informational Meeting about the status of Ventura's water supplies, conservation efforts and plans for the future.  Following presentations from General Manager Shana Epstein and Environmental Specialist Jill Sarick, attendees participated in a question and answer session.


Customer Assistance Available

Ventura Water offers free water conservation aids and on-site residential water surveys to help our customers save water.  The following items can be picked up at community events or at the City Sanjon Maintenance Yard during business hours:

  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Kitchen faucet aerators
  • Dish squeegees
  • Leak detection kits
  • Toilet flappers

Please contact Customer Care at myvtawater@cityofventura.net or (805) 667-6500 with questions, to arrange pickup of items or to schedule a water survey.

Casitas Municipal Water District provides approximately 1/3 of Ventura's water supply to customers who live within the Casitas district.  This area includes Ventura's westside and midtown, generally west of Mills Road.  Ventura Water customers who live in the Casitas District pay an assessment annually through their property taxes.

These customers are eligible for free water surveys and rebates offered by Casitas. For more information, call (805) 649-2251 ext. 110 or visit www.casitaswater.org.


Water Efficiency

There are lots of resources to help our customers engage with their water use and learn how to save water.


Stop Water Waste

There is not enough water to waste.  We need to work together to stop and prevent water waste. 

Learn more about what is water waste in the City of Ventura and how to report water waste.


Voluntary 10% Water Use Reduction - February 2014

In response to historic dry conditions, Ventura Water requested customers to voluntarily reduce their water use by 10% in February 2014 as a proactive step to stretch diminishing water supplies.  Due to the third year of dry conditions and the lack of normal winter rainfall: 



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