Outdoor Watering Limits

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Outdoor Watering Limits Adopted


On September 22, 2014, the City Council declared a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency in the City of Ventura and adopted outdoor watering restrictions to achieve a 20% water use reduction goal, as required by the State Water Resources Control Board.

In addition to the water waste prohibitions already in effect, all residents are now required to:

  • Limit outdoor watering through a sprinkler irrigation system to only two (2) days a week (a week is defined as Sunday through the following Saturday).
  • Water only between the hours of 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. (Due to evaporation, more water is lost during warmer daytime hours and it is more efficient to water during these hours.)

There are a few exemptions to the watering restrictions:  low-flow drip irrigation, sports fields (for safety reasons) and brief sprinkler system repair.

City of Ventura Water Shortage Emergency Resolution (pdf 131KB)

City of Ventura Water Use Regulations Ordinance (pdf 552KB)

State Water Resources Control Board Adopted Regulations and Fact Sheet, July 15, 2014 (pdf 948KB)


Customer Assistance Available


Ventura Water offers free water conservation aids and on-site residential water surveys to help our customers save water.  The following items can be picked up at community events or at the City Sanjon Maintenance Yard during business hours:

  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Kitchen faucet aerators
  • Dish squeegees
  • Leak detection kits
  • Toilet flappers

Please contact Customer Care at myvtawater@cityofventura.net or (805) 667-6500 with questions, to arrange pickup of items or to schedule a water survey.

Casitas Municipal Water District provides approximately 1/3 of Ventura's water supply to customers who live within the Casitas district.  This area includes Ventura's westside and midtown, generally west of Mills Road.  Ventura Water customers who live in the Casitas District pay an assessment annually through their property taxes.

These customers are eligible for free water surveys and rebates offered by Casitas. For more information, call (805) 649-2251 ext. 110 or visit www.casitaswater.org.



This page was last updated on September 25, 2014.