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Water System Maintenance


Ventura Water regularly conducts an important water flushing and valve exercising program on a regular basis.  While this maintenance results in a clean and maintained drinking water system, it may cause some short-term inconveniences for our customers.  Ventura Water also exercises and repairs valves that control our system.  This page is designed to provide information to our customers about maintenance activities in your area.   Here's what to do if you experience any discoloration of your water following any maintenance or incident that disrupts your drinking water service.


Water Main/Hydrant Flushing

Ventura Water Hydrant Flushing


The flushing program improves water quality, restores water pressure and protects pipe integrity.  During this operation, water is forced through the pipes at high velocity and systematically flushed out of the fire hydrants, removing accumulated mineral sediment until the water is clear.  Crews identify and flush the mains within the City’s 14 Pressure Zones.  Flushing within the individual zones can take a few minutes to several hours.  Part of the program also involves testing the large main-line valves and fire hydrants to ensure they are operating properly. 




When will the water main flushing happen?  To minimize impacts to water service, maintenance is generally scheduled for overnight hours (10 pm – through 7 am) and will move from area to area.   When the flushing program is active, the schedule may change as higher priority activities may cause delays and additional days may be necessary within certain zones.  Please check this site for the latest information.

How will I know when Ventura Water will be flushing water mains in my area?  Since a precise schedule of flushing operations is difficult to determine more than a day or two in advance, crews will place "WATER FLUSHING” signs in the streets of affected areas the day before.   

What will happen in my neighborhood? During flushing operation, residents may hear water discharging with force from the hydrants and see water flowing in the streets.  Road travelers are asked to take extra care during this time.

How will  valve maintenance or hydrant flushing affect water service?  When crews are flushing the water system or conducting valve maintenance close to your residence or business, you may experience:

  • Temporary periods of low pressure.
  • Discolored water, which should affect customers for a few hours at the most. (Water can be drawn into homes and businesses if the water is being used during or immediately following the flushing.)
  • The discoloration is caused by iron (red color) or manganese (black color) particles being dislodged from the water main, which can stain porcelain and laundry.
  • If discoloration occurs, open the cold tap nearest the water meter—usually the front outside faucet—to full flow and run the water into your garden or lawn for a few minutes until the water runs clear.
  • If the water does not clear the first time, wait a few minutes and run the water again.
  • It is also advised that you make sure your water is clear before doing laundry or other projects for which discolored water could cause problems.
  • It is important to not run hot water if you notice it is discolored, as the discolored water can be drawn into the hot water tank.

Water System Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Valve Exercising


Ventura's water system is operated through a network of valves that are essential to the management of water pressures and directional flows.  To ensure operability and the ability to isolate small areas, they must be exercised (turned) regularly as part of a proactive maintenance program.  As part of this process, water may be flushed at a high velocity from adjacent hydrants to remove sediments, similar to the water main flushing procedure.

When will the valve maintenance happen?  This program is conducted year-round during normal business hours and will move from area to area. 

How will I know when Ventura Water is exercising valves in my area?  Since this operation generally impacts only a small area, crews will post signs in their work area prior to the maintenance activity. 

What will happen in my neighborhood? During valve exercising, residents may hear water discharging with force from the hydrants and see water flowing in the streets.  In some situations, traffic controls may be necessary for crew safety.  Road travelers are asked to take extra care during this time.

Questions? For more information regarding our water main flushing program, please call Ventura Water Customer Care at (805) 667-6500 or read the Frequently Asked Questions.