Water Efficient Landscapes


Water Wise Gardening Classes - FREE, REGISTER TODAY!

In partnership with Ewing Irrigation and Green Thumb Nursery, Ventura Water will be hosting a series of FREE gardening classes designed to help anyone who loves to garden and wants reduce water use, green waste generation and increase the vitality and health of their landscape. 

Classes start in March and run through June.  Each class is about an hour and half in duration.  Please note the class locations are different for each class.  For more information call 652-4501.

You can register for all of the classes either online or by calling (805) 652-4501. 

April 12, 2014 - Compost & Urban Soils Workshop - Expand your knowledge about water holding capacity and biology of the soil.  How to create healthy compost, compost teas and using natural amendments that improve the vitality of your soil, which enhances the condition of your landscape.  Ben Faber from UC Extension and Paul Vaksvic from City of Ventura will lead this workshop, which will be hosted at Cornucopia Gardens, located on Telephone Rd., between Johnson and Ramelli Drive.  10:00 am to Noon. This class is hosted outdoors so bring/wear sun protection.  Parking is limited.  It is suggested that you park at the Community Park and croos Telehphone at cross walk near Ramelli. 

May 3, 2014 - Water Wise WateringLearn how to irrigate your landscape efficiently with the use of drip, rotating nozzles, and smart controllers that maximize water and energy savings.  Ewing Irrigation professional, Raul Topete will lead this hands-on, informative and educational class.  Class location: City Public Works Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road. 10:00 am -11:30 am

June 14, 2014 - SoCal BloomersDiscover colorful, climate appropriate plants to incorporate beautifully into your Water Wise landscape.  Lisa Burton, of Nature by Design, who is widely recognized as a leader in sustainable landscape design in our area, will lead this class.  She has been installing lawn alternatives, Ocean Friendly Gardens and Wildlife Habitat Gardens for over a decade in Ventura County.  She received recognition from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors for her efforts to "Think Global, Act Local" and was recently certified as a Certified Sustainable and Wildlife Landscape Professional by the National Wildlife Federation. Class location: City Public Works Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Road. 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Be Smart About Outdoor Watering

A beautiful landscape can be water efficient and help you save money.  Managing your irrigation system and controller is key!

Set your irrigation timers at season appropriate watering cycles and as always, set them to water only in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid evaporation and wind interference.  Invest in high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles for your pop-up sprinklers for less than $5 each and save as much as 30% water consumption. 

Rainbird, Inc. has a great online site for homeowners.  http://www.rainbird.com/homeowner/education/index.htm

Hunter, Inc. also has an interactive calculator for homeowners.

Below is a guide that you can use to set your irrigation timer.  The information came from UC Extension's IPM office. 

Learn about being Watershed Wise.  A watershed-wise landscape works with nature rather than in opposition to it.  It takes into account climate, soil, habitat, hydrology among other things. 

For more water saving tips, visit www.epa.gov/watersense/outdoor/landscaping and http://www.epa.gov/watersense/water_budget/

What is a Water Budget??

In general, in Ventura, a turf lawn requires about 1 - 1.5 inches of water per week.  Native, Mediterranean and climate adaptive plants require 25-50% less.  How much water your irrigation applies is a very individual thing.  Each system is unique depending upon micro-climate, slope, plant type and the condition of the system.  This water budget was developed for Ventura, which you can use as a guide.  The plant type used is an average of 1/3 high water use plants (cool season turf, tropical), 1/3 medium water use plants (trees, shrubs, ornamentals) and 1/3 low water use plants (Native, Mediterranean and climate adaptive).  Remember, in Ventura, the average household uses about 20 HCF per billing cycle and in Southern California, about 50-60% of total water consumption is for landscapes.  These numbers are for irrigated landscapes only and do not reflect indoor water use. 

New Sustainable Ventura TV Show: Sprinkler Spruce Up

Watch the June Sustainable Ventura TV show, which aired on CAPS-TV, Ch. 15, focused on local, hands-on tips for outdoor watering and landscaping.  For 24/7 viewing, you can also watch the show and individual videos on Ventura Water’s YouTube channel.  And while you are there, check out the videos on Sustainable Landscaping and Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Gardens if you are ready to transform your lawn into something truly amazing.


New Save Our Water: Sprinklers 101

Save Our Water Sprinklers 101 LogoVisit Save Our Water: Sprinklers 101's one-stop site for homeowners and professionals looking for information and online resources on water-efficient irrigation. Homeowners will find easy-to-understand information about how residential sprinkler systems work, information on drip irrigation and other smart ways to reduce landscape water use, as well as loads of online resources.  Professional landscapers will find online resources, links to manufacturers and manuals, education and licensing information and much more.


Water Wise Gardening In Ventura County

Water Wise Gardening in Ventura County

Inspired And Ready To Do More?  Transform your yard into a water-wise garden and visit Water Wise Gardening in Ventura for great ideas and useful information.  Use the Hydro-zone Plant report function to build a plant list divided by water-use to help maximize water efficiency.  Browse the Garden Tours for new ideas to recreate a corner or all of your yard.  Find a wealth of information in the Resource pages and be sure to visit the Watering Guide for help managing your irrigation system and watering needs.  Consider installing an Ocean Friendly Garden to increase permeability and retention of rainwater while increasing habitat value and decreasing water bills and green waste generation. 


Also, check out our Gardener's Resource Guide with helpful local information and resources, like where to get mulch or who to call for help installing a water-wise garden and much more.


Save Our Water: Real People, Real Savings In Ventura

Most Californians think that they use more water indoors than out.  The truth is that in some areas between 40 - 60% or more of the water we use daily goes on lawns and outdoor landscaping. There are lots of ways to save water at home, but reducing the water you use outdoors can make the biggest difference of all.

Ventura Friendly Landscape

Read the stories of three pioneers in Ventura, and others across California, who have already transformed their outdoors and have been featured in Save Our Water's Real People, Real Savings program.

The grass is not greener on the other side of these fences, but these smart homeowners are keeping more of their green while enjoying beautiful, lush native landscaping.  A true win/win!



Buy Your Rainbarrel At Half Price

A rain barrel discount program for City of Ventura residents is now available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water, while supplies last.

Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 60-gallon rain barrel with a retail value of $85 will be available for $42 plus tax at their store with a Rain Barrel Discount Voucher.

Along with the voucher, proof of Ventura residency such as a Ventura Water bill or other utility bill or document that shows a City of Ventura address (not a driver’s license) must be shown to receive the discount.  Two rain barrel discounts are available per residential address with the voucher.

Additional rain barrels may be purchased at the full retail price. The rain barrel is for non-potable water use only. Vouchers are available through Environmental Sustainability by calling 652-4584 or printed directly from the website. This program is subject to supply and funding availability.