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Ventura Water: Ventura River, one water source

Drinking Water Services

Ventura Water provides drinking water to more than 109,000 people through approximately 31,000 water service connections. Our complex water system has more than 380 miles of pipeline, 3 water treatment plants, 23 pump stations and 31 reservoirs. We maintain a full service laboratory and monitor our water quality on a daily basis. Our professional staff is committed to delivering high quality water to our customers that meets or exceeds State and Federal standards. 


100% Local Water Sources

Our community relies on three 100% local water sources - the Ventura River, Lake Casitas, and local groundwater wells. In addition, Ventura Water provides reclaimed water from the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility to two municipal golf courses, the Ventura Marina area, and private customers for landscape irrigation. 


August 2015: Lake Casitas Low Lake Levels Impacting Water Color

Lake Casitas: Low Lake Levels Impacting Water Color and Taste

The Cities of Ventura and Ojai and surrounding areas that rely on water from Lake Casitas are experiencing a change in color (and/or odor and taste changes) of their drinking water.  Lake Casitas is down sixty three feet as a result of the current, historic drought.  The combination of low lake levels with warmer temperatures creates a drop in oxygen levels causing Manganese to be released from sediments from the bottom of the lake.  The Manganese contributes to the water color change that customers are noticing at the tap.  Taste and odor issues are related to an algae bloom. To read more click on the press release below!

Press Release, August 18, 2015Lake Casitas: Low Lake Levels Now Impacting Water Color 


July 2015: Lake Casitas Algae Bloom Causes Noticeable Taste and Odor Changes

Lake CasitasVentura Water and Casitas Municipal Water District have been receiving a few inquiries from customers about water that is  "earthy, dirty or moldy" to smell and taste.  An algae bloom - due to the change in temperature - is causing the problem.  Tastes and odors are caused from by-products of algae metabolism.  To help minimize the problem, Casitas uses an intake structure to choose a level deep in the lake that is less affected by the algae growth occurring on the surface.   This does not solve the problem completely because humans can detect minute amounts of the compounds that produce the taste and odor sensation.  While some customers may find the water less pleasing, the water treatment process is functioning normally and the water is safe to drink.  Algae blooms usually occur during spring and summer, and are affected by nutrient levels in the lake, and weather conditions.  Algae blooms also commonly occur in other lakes in our climate zone.     If customers have questions about Casitas water quality, please call Casitas at (805) 649-2251 extension 120.


Water Supply Management

Ventura Water manages its water resources conjunctively - a practice whereby we use our river surface water supplies first (that are lost to the ocean if not used when they are available), before groundwater supplies (which can be stored for use when the surface supplies are not plentiful).

Click here for more information about Ventura Water's Water Supply.

Water Treatment

Ventura Water owns and operates three water treatment plants: North Ventura Avenue Treatment Plant, Bailey Conditioning Facility, and the Saticoy Conditioning Facility. All of our treatment plants have instrumentation that continuously measures and monitors specific constituents related to water quality. Our instrumentation can detect substances in the water at very low concentrations: as low as parts per billion. Our staff takes pride in showing our facilities and their operations to the public. If you would like to arrange a tour, or have questions about our water quality, please contact our Water Maintenance and Operations at (805) 652-4581.

Water Quality

In compliance with State regulatory requirements, we publish an annual Water Consumer Confidence Quality Report. The purpose of the report is to keep our customers informed about the quality of Ventura's drinking water and specifics about the clarity, minerals, and microorganisms measured in samples of Ventura water throughout the year.  The report also contains important customer information about our water systems and our ongoing efforts to protect our water resources. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about Ventura's drinking water.


Ventura River Watershed Sanitary Surveys

Water Quality Public Health Goals Triennial Report

Ventura Water LaboratoryAs a water supplier, Ventura Water must prepare a special report every three years for the public with specific information about constituents detected in the water relative to Public Health Goals.  Public Health Goals are non-enforceable goals for unregulated constituents in water established by the Cal-EPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA).  The results are reported annually in the Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report and the latest Triennial Publc Health Goals Report contains more details about each constituent detected in the water.

All Ventua Water customers are invited to a Public Information meeting to address the Federal Public Health Goals Report  on Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 4:30pm at the Sanjon Maintenance Yard, 336 Sanjon Rd, Ventura. 

Omar Castro, Water Utility Manager, will discuss Ventura Water's water testing program(s) and answer questions about the report.  Copies of the 2016 Report will be available!

Public Health Goals Triennial Report 2013 (pdf 285KB)


Important Phone Numbers

If you need more information, please call the following numbers:

Customer Care                                                (805) 667-6500
Emergency After Hours                                 (805) 650-8010

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