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Ventura Water is dedicated to providing our community with quality water and wastewater services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have been delivering drinking water from local sources since 1923, cleaning wastewater for more than a century, and preventing stormwater pollution for the past two decades.

July's August's Dirty Car Challenge Is Still On

Let's work together during this historic drought to stretch Ventura's local water sources.  Show your support of water conservation by driving a dirty car in July August.  Skip washing your car for the entire month of July August to raise awareness that everyone needs to do their part to save our water. 

"This fun challenge engages people to take action in the face of a serious and growing water shortage," said Mayor Cheryl Heitmann.  "Letting your car get dirty may seem like a small step but when we work together, the results can lead to big water savings.  It’s also a visible way to show how much Ventura values our 100% local water sources.”


Hear It On The Radio

Starting July 7, listen to Ventura County radio stations KBBY, KHAY, KRRFand KXLM about the "Don't Wash Your Car" challenge because the water we save today will be the water we use tomorrow. 


A Professional Car Wash Is The Smart Environmental Choice

“Don’t Wash Your Car” month is also about educating car owners about the best option for the environment.  Did you know that a commercial car wash uses only about 45 gallons per car and typically recycles the water, too?  Compare that with the 80-150 gallons used when washing your car at home.  And, when the soapy water, and dirt and grime washed off your car drains into the street, it can cause unnecessary pollution on our beaches and ocean.  

Post Your Dirty Car Picture To Win Prizes

You are invited to post pictures of your dirty cars on Ventura Water’s Facebook page to enter the contest.   Open to all Ventura County residents (yet to be determined) prizes will be awarded each week in August to the pictures with the most Likes. (Likes are cumulative so share away!)  Post your picture and any words of water wisdom to the page and we'll share it across to Ventura Water's newsfeed. (Be patient we're getting a lot of dirty car pictures!)

July's Top 3 Grand Prizes Awarded

Marla Bradshaw Germanson's Car wins a "Complete Car Detail", compliments of Five Points Car Wash, 2912 Telegraph Road, Ventura, California.

Jacqueline Eldridge's Truck wins a "Complete Car Detail", compliments of SoCal Auto Body, 511 S. Dawson Drive, Camarillo, California.

Charles N Ward's Car wins a "Complete Car Detail", compliments of Camarillo Auto Body, 695 Via Alondra, Camarillo, California.


Surprise Prizes For Dirty Car Drivers

And who knows ... while driving about town, you may be awarded a "dirty car" prize right on the spot!  Stay tuned for more details!

Saving Water Is In The News

Ventura County Star "Eye on the Environment: Right way to wash a car," August 24, 2014

NBC Bay Area "Parched California Finds Clever Ways to Save Water," August 22, 2014

Watch Weather Channel "AMHQ with Sam Champion" Segment: July 30, 2014

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Ventura County Star "Eye on the Environment: Dirty cars are visible sign of drought," July 27, 2014

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Ventura County Star "Ventura holding dirty-car contest": July 6, 2014

KABC Ch. 7 "Ventura Challenges Drivers to Skip Car Washes in July": July 7, 2014

We Are In A Drought: Get The Word Out

Last February, Ventura Water proactively requested customers to voluntarily reduce their water usage by at least 10% in response to diminishing water supplies.  While the spring rains helped boost water levels, those gains have been erased by the warmer than normal summer months.  For more information and customer resources to save water and stop water waste, visit

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