Police Department



The Crime Fighting Strategies of the Ventura Police Department are outlined in our 2015-2018 Strategic The plan includes give goals:

  • Crime Control
  • Team Development
  • Efficiency and Accountability
  • Maintain Safe Neighborhoods
  • Achieve Active Partnerships

Each goal is accompanied by performance measures to indicate our success in goals.  Additionally, we identify strategies to guide our actions and provide a path to success.   These citywide performance measures include some of the key indicators used by the police department to assess the level of crime in our community as well as the result of the efforts of our crime fighting resources. 

Crime Control










Target 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Actual 59% 68% 73% 62% 58% 60%
Adjusted -31% -22% -17% -28% 0% 0%


Why This is Important

Providing for the protection of life and property is a core function of local government.  The timely arrival of a police officer to a reported crime in-progress or other serious emergencies is vital to prevent injury or death, apprehend suspected criminals, identify witnesses and evidence, and enhance the solvability of the crime. 

What Is Being Done


The Ventura Police Department prioritizes all calls for service.  Emergency and in-progress crimes are given the highest priority.  Response times to these calls are reviewed on a monthly basis and compared to our goal of responding to emergency and in-progress crimes in 5 minutes or less 90 percent of the time.  In order to ensure response time goals, we have reduced or eliminated response to lower priority calls for service such as burglary alarms, non-injury traffic accidents, and civil disputes.  We have also instituted an online reporting system for identified low-level crimes where no means exists for identifying the suspect(s).

About This Measure


The Ventura Police Department Command Center records response times from the time the call is received until the first police officer arrives on scene using a state of the art Computer Aided-Dispatch system.  Emergency response times include in-progress crimes and other serious emergencies such as injury traffic accidents. 



*Most current statistics available from FBI Crimes Clearances Clear % 2014* National Avg Clearance Rate
Homicide 4 3 75.0% 64.5%
Rape 28 6 21.4% 38.5%
Robbery 46 19 41.3% 29.6%
Aggravated Assault 105 70 66.7% 56.3%
Burglary 325 28 8.6% 13.6%
Larceny 1382 296 21.4% 23.0%
Auto Theft 147 23 15.6% 12.8%
Arsons 2 0 0.0% 21.7%
Total Part One Crimes 2039 445 21.8%  
Violent Crime 183 98 53.6% 48.4%
Property Crime 1856 347 18.7% 20.2%















What Is Being Done 

Solving crime is the product of effective policing efforts and provides a significant deterrent for criminal activity. National crime clearance rate comparisons of similarly sized cities provide a baseline to assess the effectiveness of policing within communities. Initial investigations are conducted on all reported crimes by patrol personnel.  Depending on the seriousness and complexity of the crime, it may be assigned for further investigation to specialized investigators (Detectives).   Solvable cases result in arrests and are considered “cleared.”  Unsolved investigations are tracked and open cases are reviewed to see if additional information has resulted in new leads.

About This Measure

The Ventura Police Department tracks the clearance rate of Part 1 crime in accordance with Department of Justice Universal Crime Reporting standards.  In order to be documented as a “cleared case” the suspect must have been arrested or a warrant issued for their arrest.  This measure represents the actual crimes solved year-to-date compared to the actual crimes committed over the same time period.

Efficiency and Accountability



















Why this is important

Efficiency and accountability are important in building public trust. The Ventura Police Department is dedicated to continuous improvement.

What is being done

The goal is to reduce Use of Force and community complaints as compared to annual average from the last three years and attain a 100% "within department policy" for all Use of Force incidents. Body worn cameras were deployed department wide in the summer of 2015. 

Maintain Safe Neighborhoods

Why this is important

Maintaining safe neighborhoods helps make our community a better and safer place. This measure aims to reduce identified property crimes that impact neighborhoods compared to the annual average from the last 3 years.

What is being done

The Ventura Police Department aims to increase neighborhood participation in Nextdoor.com the community virutal neighborhood watch program, provide community meetings on crime prevention topics and to enhance the beat coordinator program to respond to neighrbohood crime problems,

Achieve Active Partnerships

Why this is important

The Volunteers in Polcing program allows volunteers to assist our Patrol officers by responding to nonemergency calls for service, thus enhancing our officer's free patrol and emergency response times. The VIP program improves the level of service the department is able to provide the community. The department currently has 55 active volunteers. In 2014 the VIPs contributed over 15,400 hours of time serving the community. 


Reduce Calls for Service Related to Chronic Vagrancy and Quality of Life Issues 


















Why This Is Important 

The impacts of vagrancy can have a significant impact on the quality of life in a community.  Measuring police calls for service to behaviors related to vagrancy helps to define the scope and depth of the problem as well as a indicator of the success of the citywide strategies implemented to address the issue.     

What Is Being Done

The City's Safe and Clean Initiative provides a broad range of actions and strategies developed to provide Safe and Clean public spaces in our Community.  The Police Department has assigned a team of officers to address the problem in partnership with other City Departments, as well as Public and Private Social Services and State and County Government Agencies.    

About This Measure

Upon the completion of a call for service, the officer provides a brief summary of the circumstances of the police response.  The number of calls related to vagrancy are recorded and tracked in the department's Computer Aided Dispatch System. 

Team Development





Sworn Staff Demographics Male Female White Black Hispanic American Indian Asian American 2 or more races
  118 9 96 3 28 1 0 3

Sworn Personnel Demographics

Sworn Personnel by the Numbers: 127

Sworn Personnel Education Level

Why This Is Important  

The work of sworn police officers is vital to the safety of our community.  As in any kind of business providing a service, the delivery of that service is directly related to the availability of highly trained and available personnel to provide the service. 

What Is Being Done

The most significant impact on staffing occurs as a result of on-duty injuries of police officers.  The job of a police officer takes place in a dynamic environment where officers are often called into harms way in order to protect the community.  Once an injury occurs, timely and efficient treatment of the injury is important to returning the officer to full duty.  The recovery progress of injured officers is discussed weekly between Department command staff members, the Human Resource Director and the City Risk Manager to ensure proper and timely medical treatment occurs. The hiring of highly qualified police officers is accomplished through a proactive and efficient hiring process in coordination with the Human Resources Department. 

About This Measure

The Ventura Police Department’s goals are to increase sworn officer applicants by 10% and attain 100% compliance with Police Officer Standards and Traiing Requirements. We also aim to maintain 100% of authorized staffing with officers available for full-duty without any medical restrictions.  Duty restrictions of longer than a consecutive week are tracked and count against the goal of 100% available staffing.