Reservations & Use Policy

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Who needs a permit to use a park?

Under most circumstances, a permit is not required to use a City park. Park visitors may enjoy a family picnic, fly a kite or hike the nature trails.

Permits are required, however,  for organizations such as sports leagues and youth sports organizations.
A permit and insurance coverage are also required IF:

  • The event is large - 50 people or more
  • Participants will be charged a fee to attend the event or activity
  • Food, alcohol or merchandise will be sold at the event
  • You want to reserve a specific area for your exclusive use
  • Alcohol will be served/consumed at your event

If I think I need a permit, how do I get one?

Call the Park Reservation Line at (805) 652-4594 and ask for a Facility Use Application. Get your request in early - 60 days in advance is preferable. The more time you allow to make the arrangements, the more likely you will be able to reserve the location you want. Reservations are confirmed only after (1) a completed application is mailed to and has been processed by Parks staff. (2) A check for the correct payment of applicable fees (see Rate Sheet below) must be enclosed with the application. Applicants must also provide (3) a certificate of insurance (call if you wish to purchase this certificate from the City of Ventura).

Click here for a Facility Use Application

Click here for a  Rate Sheet and Fees.

What does a permit cost?

The amount you pay will depend on several factors including the location of the event, the type of event, whether it's for a commercial or nonprofit organization and whether or not you are a City resident. A refundable deposit is also required to ensure that the area is left clean and undamaged.

What BBQ areas need a permit?

We only permit our group BBQ areas located at Arroyo Verde Park, Camino Real Park, and Thille Park. Any single picnic table and BBQ within these parks or any other park is on a first-come first-serve basis and does not require a permit, unless you are consuming alcohol. Please click on the links below for images of our reservation areas.

At Arroyo Verde Park:

Arroyo Corto

Redwood Glen

Vista Bluff

At Camino Real Park:

BBQ #1

BBQ #2

At Thille Park:

Thille Gazebo

Is there a charge for parking?

A fee for parking is charged at Arroyo Verde Park Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The fee is charged upon exiting at a rate of $2 per hour, or $5 maximum per day.

For more information view the Ventura Parks Use Brochure (pdf)

How can I find out if a Sports Field is closed due to bad weather?

Visit our Sports Field Status page for information about our Sports Fields.  During times of inclement weather (more than 1/4 inch of rain in the previous 24 hours, etc.) Sports Fields MAY be closed. This information is subject to change on short notice. Please call our MUDLINE #  652-4543 for recent updates