Residential Services


Residential Trash and Recycling Services

This City of Ventura and E.J. Harrison and Sons
have an exclusive franchise agreement, which means that E.J. Harrison and Son's, Inc. is the sole provider of solid waste and recycling collection services in the City. This arrangement ensures competitive rates and quality service for residents and businesses and eliminates duplicate trash collection service resulting in less large vehicle traffic and less wear and tear on our streets. The agreement also requires E.J. Harrison to meet stringent recycling standards, which is one of the reasons Ventura’s landfill diversion rate is an impressive 74%.

NEW BROCHURE: Helpful Tips For Ventura Residents to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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WHEN IS MY PICK-UP? Contact EJ Harrison Customer Service to find out your pick-up day.

Curbside trash and recyclables are hauled to Gold Coast Recycling and Transfer Station in Ventura.  Trash (your green barrel)  is hauled to the Toland Landfill near Santa Paula.  No recyclable items are sorted or removed so be sure to put only trash in the green barrel.  The recyclable materials (your blue barrel) are hauled to the Materials Recovery Facility at Gold Coast Inc. in Ventura.  Here, they are sorted, bailed and transported to various recycling markets.  It is important to know what can and cannot be placed into the recycling barrels to ensure efficient processing of materials and to protect the machinery and workers from harm.  Yard waste (your brown barrel) is hauled directly to a composting facility near Santa Paula.  The site, owned by Limoneira and operated by Agromin processes all of Ventura's yard waste into valuable compost, which is applied to Limoneira's many orchards.  

Bulky Item Collection - Residential customers are permitted two bulky items to be left curbside twice per calendar year at no charge.  Bulky items are defined as discarded, large household appliances, furniture, tires, carpets, mattresses, and similar large items which require special handling due to their size.  To request a pick-up call E.J. Harrison at 647-1414 or submit a request online


Get Your FREE Sustainability Kit - The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division in partnership with the Ventura Water Department are offering Sustainability Kits to city residents to help increase recycling and assist residents with conserving energy, water, natural resources, and even save some money. The kit includes either a tote to carry recyclables to the bin outside, or a 10 gallon kitchen recycling bin, a reusable shopping bag, reusable produce bag, water bottle, BPA free plastic drinking cup (for Ventura tap water!), a refillable homemade cleaner bottle with recipes, grease can lid, dish scraper, compact fluorescent light bulb, a hose nozzle, and water saving devices for the home. CLICK HERE to order your kit.




Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste

There are materials typically generated in our homes and businesses that cannot be placed in either the trash or recycling bin.  Typically, these fall into one of two categories: Electronic Waste (E-Waste) or Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). 

E-Waste - These items include computers, televisions, cell phones, VCR's, DVD players, and other electronic items.  The general rule of thumb is that any device with a circuit board can be considered electronic waste.  These items contain small quantities of rare and precious metals that can be recycled.  Ventura residents (please bring your ID) can take these items free of charge to Gold Coast Recycling during regular business hours.  

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - These are household products that cannot be discarded in your curbside trash or recycling because there are hazardous to the environment.  They include household cleaners, chemicals, paint products, auto fluids, aerosol cans, batteries and fluorescent bulbs and tubes.  Call 805-652-4525 for information on free, proper disposal of these and other hazardous waste items.  To learn more, click here.  The City sponsors monthly HHW events which require an appointment.

Alternative Drop-off Locations - Some types of HHW are less toxic and, in limited quantities, can be taken to authorized sites during regular business hours.  Gold Coast Recycling accepts: latex paints, motor oil and filters, household batteries, auto batteries, and fluorescent bulbs and tubes.  Household batteries can be dropped of at one of the City's Tech Recycling stations; City Hall and Public Works Maintenance Yard.  Some electronics can be taken to various businesses in town.  For medical wastes, including used medicines and medical sharps, contact the Ventura County Health Care Agency for more information at 805-654-5007

Solarize Ventura

 Visit Solarize Ventura.  Stay tuned for more information on future programs by visiting this website!

Zero out your carbon footprint by combining rooftop solar with an electric vehicle.  For more information, Solarize Ventura.

Zero out your carbon footprint by combining rooftop solar with an electric vehicle.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

WATCH the Sustainable Ventura News Segment featuring Solarize Ventura, CLICK the IMAGE below!

Motor Oil

Used oil recycling kit Motor Oil - There are a number of certified motor oil recycling centers located in Ventura.  Environmental Sustainability Division has free motor oil recycling kits available on a first come, first serve basis.  Call 805-652-4525 to obtain your kit today. 

How To Change Your Car's Oil - Watch this informative video!


One way to reduce the amount of trash that goes to the landfill is to have a backyard compost pile.  Scraps from your kitchen can be turned into a rich, healthy soil amendment and used in your garden.  Yard waste like grass clippings, tree trimmings and other organic items from your yard can be placed in the brown yard waste bin.  It is hauled to Agromin's facility where it is processed into a high quality mulch used on local agricultural fields.  The City sponsors a discount program in partnership with Green Thumb Nursery where you can purchase either a worm bin or a compost bin at 50% the retail price.  Just show proof of City residence. 

Free mulch is also available on a first come basis at Cornucopia Gardens, located just off Telephone Road, across from Kimball Community Park.  Using mulch and organic compost are great ways to reduce waste, conserve water, reduce need for application of pesticides or fertilizers and help with pest management. 

California Refund Value (CRV) - Redemption Centers

Reminder: Call ahead to confirm hours and materials accepted

Gold Coast Recycling, Inc: 5275 Colt Street, 642-9236
Accepts glass, aluminum, steel and tin containers, plastic #1 & #2, newspapers, magazines, paper bags, and cardboard. Redemption center for all C.R.V.

Standard Industries:1905 Lirio Ave, Ventura, CA 93004, 643-6669
Redemption site for C.R.V. aluminum, glass and plastic. Also accepts scrap metals of all kinds and cardboard.

Union Recycling: 985 N. Olive St, Ventura CA 93001,
Redemption site for C.R.V. aluminum, glass and plastic.

RePlanet Recycling Centers (2 Ventura locations), 877-737-5263
Redemption sites for C.R.V. aluminum, glass and plastic. Also accepts newspaper, scrap glass and tin cans.

·      Montalvo Hill Shopping Plaza: Crossbill Street & Tanager Street (in the parking lot next to Montalvo Hill Park and LA Fitness), 650-0239 
Open 10-5, Closed Monday and Sunday

·      Vons (off S. Brookshire):6040 Telegraph Road (cross street: S. Victoria Ave), Ventura CA, 93003, 650-2150, Open 10-4:30, Closed Tuesday & Thursday

List current as of April 11, 2017

Rainwater Harvesting

Did you realize you can harvest approximately 620 gallons per 1,000 square feet of roof space in just 1" of rainfall??  Rainwater harvesting is a great way to augment water supply for your garden.  A rain barrel discount program for City of Ventura residents is now available through Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water. Working in cooperation with Smith Pipe and Supply at 3060 Sherwin Avenue in Ventura, the Channel/Bushman 50-gallon rain barrel with a retail value of $92 will be available for $45 plus tax at their store with a Rain Barrel Discount Voucher. Along with the voucher, proof of Ventura residency such as a Ventura Water bill or other utility bill or document that shows a City of Ventura address (not a driver’s license) must be shown to receive the discount.  Two rain barrel discounts are available per customer or residential address.  Additional rain barrels may be purchased at the full retail price. The rain barrel is for non-potable water use only. Beside downloading from the link above, vouchers are also available through Environmental Sustainability by calling 652-4584. This program is subject to availability of supply and while funds last.  

Other Ways to be "Green"

Being GREEN is easy when you know what to do.  Reduce junk mail by signing up for our Catalog Choice Program.  Reduce waste by using reusable shopping bags and/or water bottles.  For other interesting ideas, check out Earth 911

Conserving energy is another way to be "green".  There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption in your homes and businesses which translates into financial savings, reduce carbon emissions and a better way of life.  Check out the online Energy Tool with Southern California Edison to learn more and research rebates. 

For more information on water conservation, head over to our Water Efficiency page. 

Interested in volunteering?  Check out Volunteer Ventura's web page for upcoming opportunities.