Construction Status

For a brief overview of the status and completion date of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP's) happening in the city of Ventura, click on the improvements below:


First Floor City Hall ADA and Security Improvements

Saticoy Well No. 3
 Currently in Design

Promenade Repair and Maintenance

Beachfront Parking Structure Repairs


First Floor City Hall ADA and Security Improvements
These improvements will bring City Hall up to current ADA regulations as well as latest building codes. In an effort to reduce electrical usage, the ceiling will be raised wherever possible to expose windows that are now covered, allowing more natural light to flow through the office space and into the public counters and lobby, thus eliminating the existing light fixtures.
The project began on July 11, and is currently scheduled to be complete by January 2012.
Download the project map here.


Saticoy Well No. 3

Attend the Neighborhood Meeting on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 9 am in the vacant lot located at 11101 Aster Street.

City of Ventura Engineering and Ventura Water staff will provide a brief presentation about project’s scope and anticipated construction schedule. We will also solicit feedback on how we can make this water facility improvement even more neighborhood friendly.

This project is located in the Santa Paula basin aquifer and when completed, will be capable of producing approximately 2,500 gallons per minute of well water. The project will be constructed on the City-owned vacant lot located on Aster Street, west of the ballpark.

In the Water System Master Plan, this project was recommended as a method to provide backup, redundancy, and drought-proof capabilities in the water system. New development impacts are referenced in the Capital Improvement Deficiency Study (CIDS 1990). Future developers will reimburse the City through fees paid in accordance with the CIDS 82502 and the development conditions imposed to the developers.

The transmission line that will convey the well water to the Saticoy Conditioning Facility for water treatment was constructed and completed in 2008. Renovation of the Saticoy Conditioning Facility was completed and outfitted to receive raw water from the proposed Saticoy Well No. 3.

The project consists of:

· Construction of a new water production well with a capacity of approximately 2,500 gallons per minute located at the Santa Paula basin Aquifer

· Wellhead appurtenances (piping, instrumentation, and miscellaneous equipment for operation of the well)

· Wellhead enclosure, a structure that will “fit-in” with the surrounding neighborhood dwellings. See attached exhibit.

· Low maintenance landscaping and other site improvements that conform to the principle of low impact development. (i.e. pervious driveway, bio-swale, rain barrels for capturing and re-using rainwater, drought resistant plants, etc.)

· A 24-inch diameter storm drain that will connect the well discharge line to the existing 48-inch diameter storm drain owned by the county.

Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2012 and is distinguished in three phases:

1. Construction of approximately 800 linear feet of 24-inch storm drain along Aster Street. (Duration: 8 weeks)

2. Water well drilling and construction of well appurtenances (Duration: 7 weeks)

3. Building construction (Duration: 16 weeks)


Promenade Repair and Maintenance Project (Phase II)

The Promenade is a popular pedestrian corridor and has protected property along the beachfront from erosion for the past forty years.  Maintaining this tourist attraction is important to our economy and the tens of thousands of visitors and residents that enjoy our beaches each year.

Sustainable Features

Starting in September, the City will be repairing deteriorated portions of the beachfront promenade and performing maintenance to provide a safe walkway for pedestrians.  This project is expected to extend the design life of the structure by another 20 years or more and reduce costly emergency repairs and on-going maintenance.

This project includes:

  • More than 2,300 sq. ft of concrete spall repairs
  • Removal of two planter boxes in front of the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel and Aloha Steakhouse for better public access points to the Promenade
  • Reburbishment of existing beach access stairs at Paseo de Playa
  • Installation of waterproof coating to the oceanside of the concrete structure
  • Based on available funding during construction, this project may include the installation of an exterior rinse off shower at the south end of Paseo de Playa and other improvements

Funding Sources

This is a Capital Improvement Project funded with Series E bonds.

Beachgoers will have access to the promenade during construction; the entrance at Paseo de Playa will remain open. Construction is scheduled to begin September 2012 and crews will be on site Monday-Friday from 7 am-5 pm.


Beachfront Parking Structure Repairs Project

The Beachfront Parking Structure was originally constructed in 1972 and requires repairs to protect its structural integrity and mitigage further degradation.  Due to the age of the structure and its vicinity to the ocean, the work will include:

  • Replacing the steel post tension cables in the westerly section of the fourth level concrete slab; the post tension cables are embedded within the concrete slab which needs to be replaced due to deterioration
  • Applying a waterproof coating to the area repaired on the fourth level and possibly other sections of the parking structure, as funding is available
  • Repairing 30 feet of spandrel wall in the west end of the fourth level 
  • Repairing a section of spalled concrete to a column underneath the fourth level
  • Repairing sections of spalled concrete underneath the fourth level concrete slab

Beachgoers will have access to the promenade and the parking structure during construction; parking will be tentatively limited to the first two floors.

Construction is scheduled to begin February 2013 and will take approximately two months to complete the work.  for more information call Julian Deanda 805.677.3953.

Future Phases:

The second phase includes repairing spalled concrete throughout the structure, bracing the spandrel walls on the top two levels, repainting the structure, replacing the fire line stand pipe, and applying a corrosion inhibitor coat to the entire structure.

Funding Sources:

This project is funded through Capital Improvement Project Funds.