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City Press Releases

December, 2016
12/07/16 Armed Robbery with Arrests Police
12/07/16 City of Ventura Selects Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Partnerships City Manager
12/06/16 Structure Fire Fire
12/06/16 Community Meeting to Discuss Short-Term Vacation Rentals, December 13 Finance & Technology
12/05/16 Homicide Investigation - Shooting Police
12/05/16 Homicide Investigation - Stabbing Police
12/05/16 Driving Under the Influence Arrest Police
12/05/16 Attempt Strong Armed Robbery, Parole Violation Arrest Police
12/05/16 Possession of a Stolen Firearm Arrest Police
12/05/16 Felony Evading Arrest Police
12/01/16 Public invited to discuss proposed overlay zone for crisis housing, Dec. 7 Community Development
November, 2016
11/30/16 Overnight lane closures planned for US Highway 101 in the city of Ventura, for California Street Bridge Project; Southbound closed Dec. 1 and Northbound closed Dec. 2 Public Works
11/22/16 Train vs. Vehicle Police
11/22/16 Commercial Burglary Police
11/22/16 Felony Battery on a Police Officer Arrest Police
11/22/16 Residential Burglary Police
11/22/16 Ventura Police Department Receives Grant For Special Traffic Enforcement and Crash Prevention Police
11/22/16 Possession of Stolen Property Arrest Police
11/18/16 Structure Fire Fire
11/17/16 Residential Burglary Arrest Police
11/15/16 Reception & exhibit for City of Ventura Photo Contest on December 5 @5:30 pm PRCP
11/09/16 Corporate Games coordinators meet on December 8 at Ventura City Hall PRCP
11/09/16 Register by Dec 2 for Men’s & Coed Softball & Basketball Tournaments on Dec 10-11 PRCP
11/04/16 Ocean Rescue Fire
11/03/16 Stolen Vehicle Arrest Police
11/02/16 Commercial Burglary with Arrest Police
11/02/16 Train vs. Pedestrian Police
11/02/16 Armed Robbery Police
11/02/16 Resisting arrest by swimming in the ocean Police
11/02/16 Vehicle Tamping Arrest Police
11/02/16 Strong Armed Robbery Police
11/02/16 Theft from Vehicle with Arrest Police
11/02/16 Robbery w/a Knife Police
11/02/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest Police
October, 2016
10/31/16 Commercial Burglary Police
10/24/16 Community Crime Alert - Rental Self-Storage Unit Burglaries Police
10/24/16 Felon in Possession of Pepper Spray, Warrants, Resisting Arrest Police
10/24/16 Sexual Battery, Child Annoyance Arrest Police
10/24/16 K9 Jag Meet & Greet Police
10/21/16 Hazardous Materials Incident / Mass Casualty Incident Fire
10/19/16 2016-2018 Community Partnerships Granting Program (CPGP), Request for Proposals due December 5 PRCP
10/19/16 Mayor’s Arts Awards recipients announced, public invited to reception on November 3 PRCP
10/17/16 Ventura City Fire Department to host 1,300 students for Fire Safety Days event, October 18 and 19 Fire
10/14/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest Police
10/12/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest Police
10/10/16 Residential Burglary Arrest Police
10/09/16 Attempted Robberies with Arrests Police
10/08/16 Multiple Vandalisms to Residences and Vehicles Police
10/08/16 Battery on a Police Officer Arrest (Misdemeanor) Police
10/08/16 Traffic Collision Resulting in a DUI Arrest Police
10/07/16 Negligent Discharge of a Firearm Arrest Police
10/07/16 Residential Structure Fire Fire
10/06/16 Battery on a Citizen and Battery on an Officer Arrest Police
10/06/16 California Street Bridge Pedestrian Project; intermittent road delays scheduled for Monday, Oct. 10 and Tuesday, Oct. 11 Public Works
10/04/16 Under the Influence, Resisting Arrest Police
10/03/16 VFD Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness Fire
September, 2016
09/30/16 Resisting Arrest Possession of a Controlled Substance Police
09/30/16 Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Police
09/29/16 Forgery, Burglary, Identity Theft and Conspiracy Arrest Police
09/29/16 $1.5 Million Grant for Ventura’s Kellogg Park PRCP
09/28/16 Homicide/Update with Arrest Police
09/28/16 Felon in Possession of Firearm Arrest Police
09/28/16 Train vs. Pedestrian Police
09/28/16 Crews respond to Saticoy Water Conditioning Facility discharge at Telephone Road and Wells Road intersection Water
09/27/16 Trash Truck Fire Fire
09/27/16 Register now for Ventura's Adult Winter Softball/Basketball Tournaments & Corporate Games PRCP
09/25/16 Armed Robbery Police
09/24/16 Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment and Felony Resisting Arrest Police
09/24/16 Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm in a Vehicle, and Possession of Narcotics Arrest Police
09/23/16 Arson Arrest Police
09/23/16 Robbery Police
09/22/16 2016 ArtWalk Collectors Reception hosted at Ventura City Hall on Sept. 29 PRCP
09/22/16 Ventura Water announces 5th Annual Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Festival Water
09/21/16 Structure Fire Fire
09/20/16 Concealed Knife, Hate Crime Arrest Police
09/19/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery Arrest Police
09/19/16 City of Ventura announces the appointment of new Public Works Director City Manager
09/18/16 Shooting Homicide Police
09/17/16 Attempted Robbery, Theft from Person, and Elder Abuse Police
09/17/16 Burglary and Resisting Arrest Police
09/15/16 DUI Investigation Resisting Arrest Police
09/15/16 Suspicious Subjects Recovered Firearm Police
09/14/16 Violent Crime Incident Police
09/12/16 Felony Evading, Stolen Vehicle Arrest Police
09/12/16 Commercial Burglary Police
09/12/16 Ventura offers Water Wi$e Incentive Program with rebates to help homeowners save money and reduce water use Water
09/10/16 Lewd Conduct in Public Arrest Police
09/10/16 Felony Resisting Arrest Police
09/09/16 Violently Resisting Officers Arrest Police
09/09/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon & Armed Robbery Police
09/08/16 Child Annoyance Investigation Police
09/08/16 Child Endangerment and Violently Resisting Officers Arrest Police
09/07/16 Possession of a Loaded Handgun, Methamphetamine and Narcotics Paraphernalia Arrest Police
09/06/16 Ventura City Fire Department to commemorate 15th anniversary of 9/11 Fire
09/06/16 Possession of a firearm with arrest & search warrant service Police
09/04/16 Felony Warrant Arrest and Resisting Arrest Police
09/02/16 DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Planned 9/2/16 Police
09/02/16 Vandalism Prowling Arrest Police
August, 2016
08/31/16 California Pedestrian Safety Month Police
08/30/16 Rollover Traffic Collision/DUI Arrest Police
08/30/16 Trespassing and Felony Resisting Arrest Police
08/29/16 Stolen Vehicle Arrest Police
08/24/16 Prowling Arrest Police
08/24/16 Residential Burglary Arrest Police
08/24/16 Carjacking **Update with Arrests** Police
08/23/16 Community members invited to Green Street celebration and demonstration event, Aug. 27 from 11am – 1pm Public Works
08/22/16 City of Ventura will partner with 500 students from Cal Lutheran University for “You Got Served” project, Aug. 29, 2016 PRCP
08/15/16 Arson/Vandalism Arrest Police
08/15/16 Commercial Burglary Arrest Police
08/15/16 Felon in Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Possession of Narcotics Sale Police
08/15/16 Homicide Police
08/15/16 Sales of Narcotics Arrest Police
08/15/16 Disturbance with a Foot Pursuit and Arrest for Assaulting an Officer Police
08/15/16 Family Disturbance w/Arrest for Violently Attacking an Officer Police
08/15/16 Obstruction of Justice, Explosive Device Arrest Police
08/15/16 Felony Evading Arrest Police
08/15/16 Residents of Ventura encouraged to apply for City Council Advisory Board and Committee Volunteer Positions City Manager
08/15/16 Businesses may sponsor and register now for Corporate Games 2017 PRCP
08/10/16 Possession of a Loaded Firearm While Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, Felon in Possession of a Stun Gun Police
08/10/16 Hot Prowl Burglary, Sexual Assault Police
08/10/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest Police
08/10/16 Fatal Traffic Collision Police
08/10/16 Stolen Vehicle Arrest Police
08/10/16 Possession for Sales and Firearms Arrest Police
08/10/16 Armed Robbery **Update with Arrest** Police
08/10/16 Commercial Burglary Police
08/10/16 Attempt Homicide - Shooting Investigation Police
08/10/16 Attempt Homicide - Shooting Investigation Police
08/10/16 Possession of a Stolen Handgun Arrest Police
08/10/16 New “Art Ventures Bus Tours” on August 17 features Hammer Museum's “Made in LA” & UCLA Sculpture Garden PRCP
08/05/16 Sailboat Aground Fire
08/04/16 City of Ventura Fall recreation & arts classes registration begins August 8 PRCP
July, 2016
07/28/16 DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Planned 7/29/16 Police
07/26/16 Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship Awards Winners Police
07/25/16 Felony Battery Arrest Police
07/25/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Attempted Carjacking Police
07/25/16 Second Degree Murder, Evading Officers Causing Death, Felony Hit and Run and Felon in Possession of a Firearm Arrest Police
07/25/16 Foot Pursuit with Arrest for Felony Warrant, Possession of Methamphetamine and Resisting Arrest Police
07/25/16 Nominations for the 2016 Mayor’s Arts Awards are due September 8 PRCP
07/20/16 Designated Driver Campaign Police
07/20/16 Ventura Council for Seniors free educational forum “Workforce Re-Entry for Seniors” on July 28 PRCP
07/18/16 Resisting Arrest Police
07/18/16 California HDC awards $230,800 to Ventura to construct Kellogg Park PRCP
07/18/16 Public invited to art reception at Coastal Communities Cancer Center’s Project Healing Space on July 27 PRCP
07/18/16 Shooting Police
07/18/16 Vehicle Pursuit and Arrest Police
07/18/16 Stolen Vehicle Arrest Police
07/15/16 Traffic Collision - Heavy Rescue Fire
07/14/16 Natural Gas Leak w/ Technical Rescue Component Fire
07/13/16 National Night Out - Register your neighborhood today! Police
07/11/16 Technical Rescue in Arroyo Verde Park Fire
07/05/16 Commercial Burglary Police
07/05/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Arrests Police
07/03/16 Vehicle Accident with Injuries Fire
07/01/16 Bike @ Pedestrian Safety Enforcement 4th of July Weekend Police
June, 2016
06/30/16 Shooting Homicide Police
06/29/16 Child Death Investigation Police
06/29/16 Public invited to free Civil War talk on July 6 at the Olivas Adobe PRCP
06/28/16 Ventura Water launches new tool to help homeowners keep their landscape alive during the drought Water
06/28/16 Aera Donates $30,000 to Ventura’s Kellogg Park PRCP
06/27/16 Armed Robbery Police
06/27/16 City of Ventura and State Parks Urge Safety for July 4th Holiday
06/27/16 Robbery Arrest Police
06/27/16 Attempted murder and shooting at an inhabited dwelling Police
06/27/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Police
06/27/16 Attempted Robbery, Identity Theft and Felony Resisting Arrest Police
06/27/16 Prowling Arrest Police
06/27/16 Train vs. Pedestrian Police
06/24/16 Cal Fish and Wildlife media release, June 24, 2016, Cleanup, air monitoring ongoing after pipeline spill in Ventura Fire
06/23/16 Grove Incident: Up to 700 barrels of crude oil spilled in Hall Canyon, Ventura CA Fire
06/23/16 TC Heavy Rescue - Vehicle into Structure Fire
06/22/16 Armed Robbery Police
06/22/16 Residential Burglary & Arrest Police
06/22/16 Hot Prowl Residential Burglary Police
06/21/16 Ventura’s July 4th Street Fair celebrates our city’s 150th birthday with a free parade, music, food, arts sales & children’s activities PRCP
06/20/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Felony Resisting Arrest Police
06/20/16 Grand Theft Investigation and Arrest Police
06/20/16 Violent Resistance of Officers during Arrest Police
06/16/16 Structure Fire Fire
06/16/16 Special Olympics Tip-A-Cop Police
06/13/16 Attempted Carjacking Arrest Police
06/13/16 Mental Health First Aid Classes Offered at Ventura Police Department Police
06/13/16 Assault with a deadly weapon Police
06/13/16 Homicide with Arrest Police
06/12/16 Vehicle Pursuit w/Arrest Police
06/11/16 Hot Prowl Residential Burglary Police
06/11/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest Police
06/09/16 Felon in Possession of Firearm Arrest Police
06/08/16 Shooting Update with Arrest Police
06/07/16 Community members invited to attend Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) Formation Forums, June 14th and June 16th, 2016 Water
06/07/16 Albinger Archaeological Museum is open & free on summer weekends, starting June 18 PRCP
06/06/16 Stabbing Police
06/06/16 Fatal Traffic Collision Police
06/06/16 Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Arrest Police
06/06/16 Commercial Burglary Arrest Police
06/06/16 Strong Armed Robbery, Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy arrests Police
06/06/16 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Investigation with Arrest Police
06/06/16 Interrupted Residential Burglary Police
06/06/16 Felony Vandalism Arrest Police
06/06/16 Sexual Assault Investigation with Arrest Police
06/06/16 Ventura Police Department to Participate in Annual Law Enforcement Torch Run Benefiting Special Olympics Police
06/01/16 Wanted Persons Arrest, Resisting Arrest Police
06/01/16 Ventura reminds beachgoers to get informed and be safe; National Beach Safety & Rip Current Awareness Week, June 5 – 12, 2016 Fire
May, 2016
05/31/16 Vehicle into a Residence Fire
05/31/16 Battery on Security Guard, Resisting Officers Arrest Police
05/31/16 Hit and Run Fatality Police
05/31/16 Disturbance and Violent Resistance of an Officer Police
05/28/16 Vehicle Accident with Injuries Fire
05/25/16 Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Possession of Drug Paraphenalia Police
05/25/16 Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Arrests Police
05/25/16 Felony and Misdemeanor Battery, Felony Vandalism and Conspiracy Police
05/25/16 Strong Armed Robbery Police
05/25/16 Shooting Police
05/25/16 Commercial Burglary Police
05/25/16 Memorial Day Weekend DUI Enforcement Police
05/25/16 Bernie Sanders Rally Police
05/24/16 Sign up by June 3 for “Grant Writing Fundamentals” workshop on June 8 PRCP
05/23/16 City of Ventura announces appointment of City Clerk City Manager
05/20/16 Fire in a Storage Facility Fire
05/19/16 Donations Needed for City of Ventura American Flag Program City Manager
05/19/16 Art Tales honors writers at EP Foster Library reception & reading May 25 PRCP
05/19/16 Register for City of Ventura Summer Adult Sports Leagues by June 1 PRCP
05/17/16 Ventura City Fire to honor local emergency medical services practitioners with special breakfast event May 18, as part of National EMS Week Fire
05/17/16 The city of Ventura wins 1st place in the 2016 Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, award presentation May 19 at Ventura City Hall Water
05/16/16 Structure Fire Fire
05/16/16 Main and Brent Street area sewer line replacement project begins; expect partial road closures Public Works
05/11/16 AMGEN Tour California will be riding through the city of Ventura, May 17 from 1pm - 2pm; motorists are advised to expect brief road closures PRCP
05/10/16 Juvenile Crime Spree Police
05/09/16 City of Ventura rolls out Bike to Work Week activities, May 16 - 20 Public Works
05/05/16 Vehicle into a structure, with an active gas leak and multiple injuries Fire
05/03/16 Felon in possession of loaded firearm arrest Police
05/03/16 Felony Indecent Exposure Arrest Police
April, 2016
04/28/16 Prowling Arrest Police
04/28/16 Felony Resisting Arrest Police
04/27/16 Structure Fire Fire
04/27/16 Re-opening of the historic Ventura Pier, ribbon cutting ceremony April 30 at 10am Public Works
04/27/16 Sign up for free “Responsible Beverage Serving” class on May 3 PRCP
04/25/16 Pursuit/Hit and Run involving Stolen Vehicle Police
04/21/16 Structure Fire Fire
04/21/16 Grass Fire Fire
04/21/16 Possession of a Firearm in a School Zone, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on Campus Police
04/21/16 Prowling, Burglary, Sexual Battery Police
04/21/16 Westpark celebrates its new fitness facility and Aera donation on May 3 PRCP
04/19/16 Solarize Ventura offers local homeowners solar education and discounts Public Works
04/19/16 Vehicle Into an Occupied Building Fire
04/13/16 Public invited to Ventura City Council’s Community Workshop on Homelessness, April 18 Community Development
04/06/16 Water Rescue Fire
04/06/16 Apply Now to Serve on Ventura City Council Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees City Manager
04/05/16 City of Ventura accepts the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, April 1 - 30 Water
04/04/16 Commercial Burglary Arrest Police
04/04/16 Child Sexual Abuse Arrest Police
March, 2016
03/25/16 DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Police
03/24/16 Water: Take 1 Online Short Film Contest Announces Winners; Brooks Institute hosts Awards Ceremony in honor of World Water Day Water
03/23/16 Structure Fire Fire
03/23/16 Vehicle Accident with Injuries Fire
03/22/16 City of Ventura completes new sewer interconnect project, marking continued progress toward commercial development project Public Works
03/16/16 RedBrick entrepreneur James Panagoti is keynote speaker for Ventura’s 8th Annual Teen Voice Leadership Summit, March 18 PRCP
03/14/16 Ventura-based arts non-profits invited to apply by June 23 for Cultural Funding Program 2016-17 PRCP
03/08/16 Experience 1840s California at free Olivas’ RANCHO DAYS on March 13 PRCP
03/08/16 Public invited to Ventura 150th “City Hall Open House” on Friday, March 11 PRCP
03/07/16 VPD and Ventura Schools Partner with Motivational Multimedia Assemblies to Save Lives and Inspire Youth Police
03/01/16 Ventura Police Community Academy Police
February, 2016
02/23/16 Hit & Run Fatality Police
02/23/16 Brooks Institute Chooses Downtown Ventura to Launch New Urban Campus City Manager
02/23/16 Public Invited to Attend Mayor Erik Nasarenko’s State of the City Address February 29 City Manager
02/23/16 City of Ventura announces appointment of Director of Human Resources City Manager
02/18/16 Fatal Traffic Collision Police
02/17/16 Robbery - Update with Arrests Police
02/17/16 Ocean Rescue Fire
02/16/16 City of Ventura 2015 Employee and Supervisor of the Year announced Human Resources
02/10/16 Traffic Collision, Vehicle Into Structure, Mass Casualty Fire
02/10/16 Groundbreaking ceremony for new, 173-unit development in Ventura, Parklands Apartments at Wells Road & Telegraph Road Community Development
02/09/16 New bridge design to enhance link between Ventura’s historic downtown and oceanfront promenade, construction to begin February 2016 Public Works
02/02/16 City of Ventura Special Event Grants applications are due May 12 PRCP
January, 2016
01/27/16 Westpark Community Center receives a “Health Champion Award” PRCP
01/26/16 Community members invited to attend a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) Formation Committee Stakeholder Meeting, Jan. 28 at 6pm Water
01/25/16 Vehicle into a structure Fire
01/21/16 Businesses, register your company team by Feb. 11 for the 2016 Corporate Games PRCP
01/20/16 Applications now being accepted for City of Ventura Planning Commission position, deadline Feb. 8 City Manager
01/15/16 Prowling Police
01/15/16 Shooting Police
01/15/16 Prowling Police
01/15/16 Armed Robbery Police
01/15/16 Vehicle Burglary with Arrest Police
01/15/16 Foot Pursuit and Search with Arrest Police
01/15/16 Large Vehicle Fire at a Gas Station Fire
01/11/16 Ocean Rescue / Fishing Vessel Aground Fire
01/07/16 Dee Dowell Memorial Scholarship Award Police
01/07/16 Foot Pursuit/ Barricade of a Wanted Person Police
01/06/16 Flooding Related Technical Rescue Fire
01/06/16 Storm advisory and impacts within the City of Ventura