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City Press Releases

January, 2015
01/23/15 Resisting arrest and injury traffic collision Police
01/23/15 Sexual Assault Arrest Police
01/23/15 UPDATE #2 - Attempt Homicide Police
01/22/15 Residential Structure Fire Fire
01/22/15 Residential Burglary Investigation– Arrests Police
01/22/15 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Police
01/21/15 DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Planned this Weekend Police
01/20/15 Robbery Police
01/20/15 Terrorist Threats / Brandishing a Knife / Stabbing Police
01/20/15 UPDATED -- Attempt Homicide Police
01/20/15 Attempt Homicide Police
01/20/15 Violent Resistive Suspect and Witness Intimidation Police
01/20/15 Register for City of Ventura Spring Leagues for Adults by February 4 PRCP
01/15/15 Community Crime Alert – Increase in Stolen Vehicles Police
01/15/15 Felon in Possession of a Firearm Arrest Police
01/14/15 Traffic Accident Police
01/14/15 Applicants Sought for New City of Ventura Water Commission, deadline to apply is February 23 Water
01/14/15 Businesses - register by February 13 for Corporate Games PRCP
01/13/15 Traffic Collision - Heavy Rescue Fire
01/13/15 Attempted Murder Police
01/13/15 Warrant Service Police
01/12/15 Armed Robbery with Arrests Police
01/12/15 Suspicious Package Police
01/12/15 Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling Police
01/08/15 Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Arrest Police
01/07/15 Brandishing a Firearm, Possession of a Concealed Firearm in a Vehicle Police
01/06/15 Stolen Vehicle and Possession of Stolen Property - Arrest Police
01/05/15 UPDATE # 2 -- Homicide Investigation Police
01/05/15 Residential Structure Fire Fire
01/05/15 Assault with a Deadly Weapon Police
01/05/15 VPD Commander Al Davis – Selected as Police Chief for Mammoth Lakes Police
01/05/15 Robbery Police
01/05/15 Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Handgun) Police
01/05/15 UPDATE -- Theft of Dog Police
01/05/15 Theft of Dog Police
01/05/15 Armed Robbery Police
01/05/15 Shooting Victim Police
01/05/15 Pierpont Blvd. Crime Activity Police
01/05/15 Homicide Investigation Police
01/05/15 UPDATED – ARREST - Homicide Investigation Police
01/05/15 Armed Robbery Police