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The Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships provides a variety of programs, services and activities for city residents and adjacent communities. For more information visit the tabs above, buttons below or use ActiveNet


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Friends of the Ventura Aquatic Center Friends of the Ventura Aquatic Center The Ventura Aquatic Center (901 S. Kimball Rd) is...
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Friends of the Leo Robbins Sailing... Friends of the Leo Robbins Sailing Center The City of Ventura is looking for volunteers...
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Phone: (805) 658-4726
Fax: (805) 648-1030
Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday closed alternate Fridays
Address: 501 Poli St. Room 226 | Ventura, CA 93002

Nancy O'Connor
Director, Parks/Recreation and Community Partnerships Department
(805) 658-4736

Denise Sindelar
Community Partnerships Division Manager
(805) 658-4793

Judy Devine
Community Recreation Division Manager
 (805) 658-4735

Anthony Rodriguez
Acting Parks Division Manager
(805) 652-4554