Beat Maps & Beat Coordinators


Beats and Beat Coordinators

The City of Ventura is divided into four Police Beats, or areas of responsibility as depicted here.  A Corporal is assigned as a Beat Coordinator.  (Please note, you can click on the map to open it as a .pdf document and zoom in for more detail). 

Beat Coordinators guide Patrol Officers' response to problems on their Beat, develop and track the progress of community problems and projects, coordinate response to school-related problems, and manage follow-up investigations on cases assigned to Patrol Officers.

Should you have any questions for your Beat Corporals please don't hesitate to contact them via phone (805) 339-4400 or email. Follow our Facebook page and to get weekly updates on crime in your beat.




Beat 1:

Beat One includes Ventura's west end and portions of the Downtown area.

Beat 1 Coordinator (yellow area)                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Beat 2

Beat Two embraces the beach and marina areas as well as the western portion of downtown and mid-town.

Beat 2 Coordinator (orange area)



Beat 3

Beat Three covers the area east of Mills Road and roughly north of Telephone Road.

Beat 3 Coordinator (green area)



Beat 4

Beat 4 covers the area roughly east of Mills Road and roughly south of Telephone Road.

Beat 4 Coordinators (purple area)