Crime Prevention Information


The Ventura Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit is part of our Crime Analysis Unit. 

The majority of our crime prevention services, are offered online (please see the various topics listed under the Crime Prevention menu item or as shown below).

Should you have any questions please contact the front desk at 805.339.4400 to speak with a Police Services Officer. 


Front Desk Officer 805-339-4400


Crime Tip of the Month

Have a Storage Unit?

Storage Unit Crime Prevention Tips for Renters:

•Choose a facility that has an access control system and video surveillance system which can prevent burglaries. Access control system requires renters to use individual codes, remotes or security cards to enter the facility. Self-storage managers can r

eview records to see who is using the facility at all times, making it harder for thieves to enter.

•If you have high-value items that you are storing, place those valuables in the back of your unit. Placing these items in hard to reach places will make it more difficult for thieves who are quickly grabbing items.

•Choose a lock that will hold up against bolt cutters. Avoid using a lock with a long shackle (the loop that passes through or around the object that you are locking). Purchase a disc or cylinder lock, both of which are hard to cut with bolt cutters. •Be sure to have your items insured through your homeowner’s insurance, if you do not have homeowner’s insurance see if your facility offers insurance in case your items are stolen.

•Avoid going to your storage unit in 

the early morning or late evening hours or otherwise off-peak hours. Take someone with you whenever possibly, there is safety in numbers. 

•Keep a complete inventory of everything you are storing. Take photos of the items inside your storage unit.

•Check your items frequently, do not leave them unchecked for long periods of time. Perhaps check your unit when making your monthly payment.

•Be sure to give the manager a list of people who are allowed access to your unit.

We encourage you to be vigilant and conscientious when you see possible criminal activity and call 911 immediately if there is a crime in progress or call 805.650.8010 if your see anything suspicious in your facility.