VPD's Strategic Plan: A Crime Fighting Blueprint for Our Community




A Message From Chief Ken Corney

On behalf of the Ventura Police Department Crime Fighting Team, I am pleased to present our three-year strategic plan:  A Crime Fighting Blueprint for Our Community 2015-2018. 

Dear Community Members,

The best path to ensure future success is to prepare for it today. The Ventura Police Department 2015-2018 Strategic Plan will help us do just that. While the plan does not represent all we will do in our journey towards success, it does provide the framework that will guide us to meet the anticipated challenges of tomorrow. While the fundamental goals of what we strive to accomplish remain constant; Crime Control, Team Development, Active Partnerships, Safe Neighborhoods, Efficiency and Accountability; our strategies and actions evolve to meet the challenges of our dynamic and ever-changing environment. We also anticipate that changes in technologies and resources will accelerate our efforts.


We appreciate the input provided by nearly 200 community members who attended the series of community meetings in December, 2014. As part of this plan, we will expand upon these meetings throughout the next few years to make sure we are meeting our goals and community expectations. Ultimately, the real work of this plan will involve the dedicated efforts of the Ventura Police Crime Fighting Team composed of more than 200 sworn officers, professional staff and volunteers. I am exceptionally proud of the work they do each day and I believe the future holds great promise for the continued success of the community they bravely and selflessly serve.   

Ken Corney, 

Police Chief

The Spirit of a Crime Fighter

The  Mission and Values of the Ventura Police Department are encompassed within the Crime Fighter Spirit that serves to guide us in providing the highest quality service to our community.

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Service before self
  • Desire to protect and serve our community


  1. Crime Control
  2. Team Development
  3. Achieve Active Partnerships
  4. Maintain Safe Neighborhoods
  5. Efficiency and Accountability

GOAL 1: Crime Control: Effective Responses to Crime in our Community


-- Arrive on scene to crimes in progress and emergency calls in five minutes or less.

-- Achieve a crime clearance rate on Part 1 Crimes that is better than the national average.

-- Achieve a reduction in Ventura's per capita crime rate for Part 1 Crimes compared to previous years. 


  • Focus on Serious Habitual Offenders
  • Reevaluate beat boundaries and identify increasing service needs to      improve call for service response.
  • Focus area patrols based on crime trends.
  • Improve call received to call dispatch times.
  • Prioritization of report processing and case assignments.
  • Reevaluate detective deployment to respond to increasing case loads.
  • Implement a professional staff Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Team.
  • Develop a department-wide staffing plan to meet current and future needs.
  • Implement an electronic pawn-broker reporting system.
  • Develop an electronic stolen property database.


GOAL 2: Team Development: A Focus on Our Most Important Resource


-Increase sworn officer applicant pool by 10%.

-Attain a 100% compliance with POST requirements.

-Provide a minimum of 8 hours of training to professional staff during each fiscal year. 


  • Detectives attend patrol teams briefings at least twice a month.
  • Update Training Need's Assessment Plan to enhance employees' professionals skills.
  • Establish a cadet mentoring program.
  • Facilitate state-wide Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) approved training courses hosted at VPD.
  • Develop and implement a recruitment plan to increase police officer candidates.
  • Introduce Community speakers to training days to enhance employee community understanding and shared perspectives. 
  • Modernize and enhance work environment including technology and equipment. 
  • Maintain POST certified instructors in key training dimensions. 

GOAL 3: Achieve Active Partnerships: Shared Community Problem Solving Efforts


    -Reduce calls for service related to chronic vagrancy and quality of life issues. 

   -Increase the number of calls for service and related activities handled by department volunteers by 10%

   -Increase community social media participation such as Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.com


  • Utilize community intervention court to intervene into chronic vagrancy.
  • Host two community crime update meetings per year. 
  • Sworn personnel and professional staff participation in community meetings.
  • Extend Nextdoor.com participation to business and trade community.
  • Provide training on the chronic offender program to patrol personnel.
  • Integrate Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) into hotspot policing patrols.
  • Host at least one volunteer academy a year.
  • Devlop and implement a public smart phone App.
  • Launch public release of VPD Twitter.
  • Utilize Ventura Police Community Foundation to promote community partnerships and fulfill department needs. 
  • Increase participation in VPD neighborhood video surveillance program. 

GOAL 4: Maintain Safe Neighborhoods: Sustain the Quality of Life in Our Neighborhoods


    - Reduce gang related violent crime compared to annual average from last 3 years.

     - Reduce fatal and injury traffic collisions compared to annual average from last 3 years.

     -Reduce identified property crimes that impact neighborhoods compared to annual average from last 3 years. 




  • Enhance the beat coordinator program to respond to neighborhood crime problems. 
  • Develop a plan to reinstitute gang prevention and intervention programs.
  • Utilize sworn personnel for gang education in the middle schools. 
  • Directed traffic enforcement in the intersections identified with the highest rate of collisions.
  • Work with
  • Analyze citywide Primary Collision Factor data and focus on high risk collision locations
  • Provide targeted Driving Under the Influence (DUI) enforcement efforts
  • Use Facebook and other electronic and social media for neighborhood and business outreach

GOAL 5: Efficiency and Accountability: Dedication to Continuous Improvement


-Reduce line of duty injuries of all employees by 10% as compared to annual average from last 3 years.

-Reduce UOF and community complaints as compared to annual average from last 3 years.

-Attain a 100% "within department policy" for all Use of Force incidents.


  • Implement department wide use of body worn cameras.
  • Work with Human Resources to develop a treatment plan for each injured employee.
  • Provide training for employees in workers compensation on how the process works.
  • Conduct reviews of critical department functions.
  • Conduct Use of Force skills testing two times a year for sworn personnel. 
  • Evaluate "in the line of duty" injuries and tailor wellness program towards reducing them.
  • Consolidate and improve use of force and complaint tracking.