VPD Employment Opportunities


Excellence In Service

A career as a Police Officer offers challenges and opportunities found in no other field or endeavor. The work is interesting, fast-paced, rewarding, and offers a variety of experience and job assignments. The pay, benefits, and security are outstanding. We are always looking for qualified women and men who desire a career with diversity and excellent advancement opportunities. We invite you to discover the fulfillment that comes from being a Police Officer.

Police Officers are respected professionals who contribute substantially to their communities. If you are looking for a career, not just a job, the Ventura Police Department may be the place for you.

Why Should I Choose the Ventura Police Department?

The City of San Buenaventura is seeking qualified women and men who are presently Peace Officers, as well as entry-level applicants, to become part of our future. The Department is determined to increase its diversity at all ranks and in all assignments. Personnel are eligible for specialty assignments after completing probation.

The Ventura Police Department is considered one of the most modern and progressive agencies in California. It is currently comprised of 172 employees, of which 127 are sworn officers. The agency uses the most advanced equipment available, coupled with an ambitious training program for all employees. We use a computer-aided dispatch system with mobile digital computers in each patrol car, modern Records Management and Crime Analysis systems, and all officers dictate their reports for transcription.

Patrol Officers work three days per week, 12.5 hours per day, allowing for four days off per week. Patrol is divided into seven teams, with each team rotating every four-months. All teams work both day and night shifts and enjoy weekends off during a portion of every year. Flexible scheduling can be allowed to accommodate educational needs. A tuition reimbursement plan is available to all City employees, and a premium is paid to bilingual employees. Many of our officers live and raise their families within the City and have a vested interest in the future and safety of our community.

Patrol Officers are expected to perform regular law enforcement duties, investigate and document preliminary investigations, and provide crime prevention information. Our personnel are encouraged to take the time necessary to fully investigate crimes and look for solutions on calls-for-service. We're seeking individuals who have the desire to make a difference in the community, to serve not only as protectors but also as proactive resources for the adults and role models for our children.

I'm Interested - Now What Do I Do?

For Lateral Police Officer Applicants or Entry Level Police Officer Trainee Inquiries --- Please visit the following link to our Human Resources page. Once there you can review the job description and benefits, apply online, check the status of your application, and much more.

For additional questions you may e-mail recruitment or call Human Resources at 805-654-7853. If you wish to speak with someone at the Police Department you can e-mail Sergeant Jon Fournell (jfournell@venturapd.org) or call 805-339-4468. 

For Civilian Jobs --- These positions include Public Safety Dispatcher, Police Services Officer, Records Specialist, extra-help part-time Police Cadet, and others. To learn more about these positions, apply for current openings, or submit interest cards to be notified of future openings, please visit our Human Resources page.

What is the Hiring Process?

For Lateral Police Officer Applicants --- Interested applicants who are currently working as a safety officer, have a California P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate, and are not on probation with their agency should submit an application at www.cityofventura.jobs. Candidates meeting these criteria may be interviewed by Police Department Command Staff. After successfully completing the interview, a background investigation and polygraph exam may be conducted. After a conditional job offer is made, complete medical and psychological evaluations are mandatory.

Appointment may be made at a salary as recommended by the Police Chief, within the range specified for this position, based on the qualifications of the person selected. Eligibility for advancement beyond the top of the salary range is possible with satisfactory performance combined with a college degree or an Intermediate or Advanced P.O.S.T. Certificate.

For Entry-Level Police Trainee Applicants --- Once hired, Police Officer Trainees are given an orientation to acquaint them with the Department and prepare them for the Police Academy. The Academy is a six-month training course mandated by the State of California. It teaches law enforcement skills and techniques, emphasizing physical conditioning and academics. Upon graduation, trainees are promoted to Police Officers and assigned to Field Training Officers for one-on-one training that lasts from four to nine months.