Field Operations


The various units and departments that make up the Field Operations Division are listed below.  

Alcohol Beverage Control Officer

The ABC Officer oversees all ABC licenses and alcohol sales permits within the City of Ventura.  The works with businesses and assists them with ABC rules and regulations, licensing, liquor sales, employee sales of alcohol, making sure they understand and are in compliance with their alcohol permit, enforces non-compliant businesses, educates local businesses regarding such issues as underage drinking and sales to minors, and oversees entertainment permits.  To learn more about the position please click here.

Alcohol Responsible Retailer Program (RRP)

The Alcohol Responsible Retailer Program, otherwise known as RRP, is a collaborative program which was developed in cooperation with Ventura County Behavioral Health Department (Ventura County Limits). The RRP is designed to provide Alcohol Beverage Establishments with valuable information in order to maintain a safe and responsible business as it pertains to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.

The overall goal of the RRP is to improve public health and safety in our community by increasing the awareness of the dangers that result from improper sales and service of alcoholic beverages, particularly to minors and those who may already be intoxicated.

Command Center (Dispatch)

The Police Department's state-of-the-art Command and Dispatch Center receives all 9-1-1 calls in Ventura. Our new state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system has significantly improved our ability to serve the community and provide both emergency and non-emergency assistance.

Communications operators undergo an intensive four to six month on-the-job training program before they can work independently. Operators handle approximately 20,000 emergency and non-emergency telephone calls each month and calls are answered, on average, within five seconds.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The CIT program is a collaboration of Police, Mental Health, Clients and Family Members to help deal with persons with mental illness. CIT's main goal is safety - for the community, for the person in crisis, and for the officers and crisis team workers.

CIT members learn how to deal with people in crisis, how to recognize different types of mental illness, and how to get the person the most appropriate help. The minimum goal of the CIT program is to provide Crisis Intervention training to at least 10% of law enforcement officers and all of the 9-1-1 Operators countywide.


We currently have four K9 teams at the Ventura Police Department. All are assigned to the Patrol Unit so that a team is on-duty seven days a week, providing around the clock service to the community. We have used K9 teams for over twenty years and the VPD was one of the first law enforcement agencies in Ventura County to use canines.

We encourage you to visit our K9 page to learn more about the program including Patrol and Training functions, Community Outreach, our partnership with the National Police Dog Foundation, and of course to meet the officers and their canine partners.


Patrol Officers perform regular law enforcement duties, investigate and document preliminary investigations, and provide crime prevention information. Patrol Officers work three days per week, 12.5 hours per day, and generally have four days off each week. The Department uses the most advanced equipment available and has an ambitious training program for all employees.

Patrol Officers are divided into seven teams, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, and Gold, and each team rotates their shift every four months. All teams work both day and night hours, giving each team a chance to have weekends off during part of the year.

Uniformed officers provide patrol services in their specific work area, known as "Beats." Officers work a single beat for one year, giving them a better understanding of each area's unique problems. Ventura has four beats that cover the city from the west to the east.

  • Beat One includes Ventura's west end and downtown area, from the north end of Ventura Avenue to Chestnut Street.
  • Beat Two embraces the beach and marina as well as the western portion of mid-town.
  • Beat Three is the eastern part of mid-town from the Pacific View Mall to Victoria Avenue.
  • Beat Four is Ventura's east end from Victoria Avenue to the eastern city limits around Wells Road.

Patrol Watch Commander

Each Patrol Team is supervised by a Watch Commander who serves as either the daytime, weeknight, or weekend Patrol Watch Commander.  

A Watch Commander is also available to the public for questions and concerns 24 hours a day and can be reached directly at 805.339.4416.

Patrol Task Force (PTF)

The PTF was formed in February 2008 and consists of a three man team. The Unit was formed to specifically address crime trends or problem areas within the City, with the ultimate goal of making a direct impact towards the Department’s performance measurements.

The officers assigned to the PTF do not handle everyday calls for service, but in turn have the time and flexibility in their schedule to address identified issues. The PTF unit also works closely with Crime Analysis to identity crime trends, assist other units, and relies on Patrol Officers to help identify problem areas.

Police Activities League

The department's non-profit 501c3 charitable foundation is known as the Ventura Police Activities League, better known as Ventura PAL. 

PAL's mission is to promote involvement between the youth, the police, and the citizens of the City of Ventura by providing meaningful programs in the areas of sports, academics, education, and recreation; to improve the conditions and relationships within the community of Ventura; to promote scholastic opportunities; to foster and encourage faith in American principles and traditions; and to encourage the development of sportsmanship, friendship, citizenship, and good will within the youth of the City of Ventura.

All monies raised are used to provide our local youth with positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, and criminal behavior. PAL encourages kids to stay in school and offers students mentoring and tutoring opportunities. To accomplish our goal, PAL has partnered with the City's Community Services Department, making Ventura PAL a City-run program.

For more information please visit the Ventura Police Activities League website at

Public Affairs/Communications

Our Public Affairs and Communications Unit is responsible for much of the department’s outreach and marketing efforts including website management, department initiatives and programs, social and digital media, media relations, citywide civic engagement coordination, and the design and development of documents, articles, brochures, and other department outreach and marketing tools. If you have any questions about the Unit please contact 805.339.4317.

School Resource Officers (SRO)

SRO’s help to ensure a safe and secure environment for Ventura's students.

The SRO program is a partnership between the Ventura Police Department and the Ventura Unified School District. Officers are assigned full time to Ventura, Buena, Pacific and Foothill High Schools and also work with staff, students, and personnel from the District's middle and elementary schools. They provide security, zero tolerance enforcement, drug suppression, education, and intervention as well as serving as mentors in guiding the youth of our city.


The primary objective of the SWAT team is to SAVE LIVES.

The mission of Ventura's Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to provide highly trained personnel for use in incidents where disciplined teamwork, specialized weapons, and tactical skills are needed to resolve high risk law enforcement incidents.

The Team's philosophy is to operate in a way that gives the most protection to involved personnel and provides the greatest degree of safety possible for the public and suspects.

Traffic Unit and Motors

The goal of the Ventura Police Department's Traffic Unit is to maintain the lowest accident rate possible by using innovative approaches to education, enforcement, and engineering.

If you have questions about any of the following items related to the Traffic Unit please follow the appropriate link.  If you can't find what you're looking for or still have questions then please call our Traffic Unit at 805-339-4401.

Under the direction of a Traffic Sergeant, the Traffic Unit provides proactive enforcement of vehicle code laws using radar, motorcycle patrol, parking enforcement, and community education programs such as pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The Unit also provides professional traffic collision investigations and reconstruction. Team members routinely make recommendations for traffic control improvements.

One Sergeant, three Motorcycle Officers, one senior Police Services Officer, and a clerical support individual staff the Traffic Unit.  In addition to traffic enforcement and accident investigation, the Unit enforces parking procedures, tows abandoned vehicles, and processes vehicle impound releases. The traffic unit also handles: Payment of parking tickets, Traffic collision reports, Reporting of abandoned vehicle, and Oversized vehicle permits.

The Cadets assigned to Traffic patrol Ventura's streets and public parking lots on foot, in cars, and in special 'scooters'. The Cadets use computers, called AutoCites, to record vehicle license plates and issued parking citations. The majority of parking violations, almost 33%, are for overtime parking - parking longer than the one or two hours allowed for that area. The next most frequently enforced violations are for red curb, fire lanes, and posted no parking zones.

The civilian Cadets issued over 9,000 parking citations last year. They are also trained in traffic control and provide assistance at traffic accidents and major incidents.