downtown parking structure

Public Beachfront Parking Areas

The City provides public beach area parking at the following locations:

  1. Parking Structure on the south side of Harbor Boulevard at California Street near the Ventura Pier
  2. Surfer's Point Park
  3. Ash Street parking area at the 101 freeway pedestrian overcrossing (downtown side)
  4. Parking lot at the southerly end of Seaward Avenue adjacent to the beach
  5. Paseo de Playa
  6. Marina Park
  7. Other public streets in the Ventura Keys and Pierpont neighborhoods.

Currently only the Parking Structure on Harbor Boulevard is paid parking.

In addition to parking provided by the City, there is public parking at Buenaventura State Beach, at the end of Shoreline Drive adjacent to the County Fairgrounds, and in the Ventura Harbor area.


Paid Parking area 2nd floor Santa Clara Parking Structure

The paid parking area on the second floor of the Santa Clara parking structure is leased from the City and is privately operated by LAZ Parking.  If for some reason the assistance button is not working properly or there any problems regarding the parking gates they can be reached by calling 310-388-9496 24/7


For questions about Downtown Parking or the Pay Stations


Questions regarding parking or Pay Stations (Meters) call (805) 654-7769 or email

For pay station maintenance issues call (805) 652-0767


Managed parking is part of a large and comprehensive plan for the Downtown called the Downtown Specific Plan. The parking management portion of the plan was based on community input, best practices, and the latest cutting-edge parking research. This plan recommends moving to a market based parking management program. A copy of the Downtown Specific Plan and Downtown Parking Management Plan are available for download at


Downtown Parking Lots and Structures

Parking downtown is convenient and a great way to visit Ventura!  There are over 2,900 free parking spaces in our historic downtown at 14 City lots, the free parking structure and along almost every block in the downtown area. 

 Free Parking Structure

The parking structure located midblock on Santa Clara St. (enter from Santa Clara St.) between California St. and Chestnut is a free parking location. The The parking structure located midblock on Santa Clara St. (enter from Santa Clara St.) between California St. and Chestnut is a free parking location.

Floors 1 and 2 are 4- Hour Parking
Floor 3 is Half 4 Hour and Free all Day.  Check posted signs for demarcation.
Floors 4 and 5 are All Day Parking

Free All Day Parking:

  • S Palm St./ Santa Clara St. - Enter from Palm St. or Santa Clara St. 
  • N Oak St./ Main St.. - Enter from N Oak St.
  • S. Oak St. / Santa Clara St. -Enter from Oak St. or Santa Clara St.
  • Santa Clara St./ Figueroa St. - Enter From Santa Clara St.
  • Santa Clara St. / Junipero St. "Museum" - Enter from Santa Clara St. or Main St.
  • Parking Structure 3rd to 5th Floor
  • Midblock on Santa Clara St. (enter from Santa Clara St.) between California St. and Chestnut St.
  • S Chestnut St. / Main St. - Enter through the parking structure on Santa Clara St.
  • Poli St. / Chestnut St - Enter from Chestnut St.
  • California St. / Poli St. - Enter from California St.
  • Upper City Hall Visitor Lot

Free 4-hour parking:

  • S Oak St. / Main St.- Enter From Oak St. or Santa Clara St.
  • S. Oak St. / Santa Clara St. -Enter from Oak St. or Santa Clara St.
  • Parking Structure 1st and 2nd floor
  • Midblock on Santa Clara St. (enter from Santa Clara St.) between California St. and Chestnut St.
  • Poli St. / California St.- Enter from Poli St.

Paid Parking Structure:

The Parking Structure at Harbor Blvd. and California St. Street has 550 spaces at $2.00 per hour and $10.00 for All Day. This location has easy access to the beach, the pier and to businesses and hotels along the promenade.

Parking may be validated from qualified beachfront/pier restaurants and the Crowne Plaza Hotel.



How to Use the Pay Stations

Each pay station has step-by-step instructions to guide you through your transaction.

  • Park your vehicle and note the space number
  • Proceed to pay station
  • Press any button
  • Input space number and select "Initial Payment"
  • Pay for desired time (coins debit/credit cards)
  • Collect your receipt from the cup below; note expiration time

No need to display receipt on vehicle; keep it with you.

To extend your parking time, go to any pay station, enter the space number on your receipt and select “Add More Time”.

Parking is free and without time restrictions for vehicles with an accessible parking placard or accessible license plate issued by the State.


Downtown Parking Management Program

All net revenue generated from the pay stations is directed back into the Downtown and can be spent on the following:

  • Enhanced Police Services
  • Increased Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Parking equipment
  • Parking structures
  • Pedestrian linkages
  • Street furniture
  • Street cleaning
  • Transportation & parking planning
  • Transportation & parking marketing and education programs
  • Wayfinding system
  • Universal Valet programs

What is the price for on-street parking?

The parking rate will be set to achieve 85% utilization of the on-street parking spaces. The current hourly meter rate is $1.00 per hour on Main Street and California Street, all other streets are $.50 per hour; hours of operation are 10am - 9pm, daily.

Do I have to pay for a whole hour even if I'm just making a quick visit?

Not at all. All pay stations take coins. If you only need a few minutes to make a quick stop, such as picking up a lunch order or dropping off some film for processing, simply put in a nickel or a dime.

Do I have to use the pay station closest to my car?

No. You may pay for any numbered parking space at any of the pay stations. Simply go to the nearest one on the way to your destination.

Do I have to put a receipt on my dash?

No. The receipt will show your expiration time and parking space, so you can check it to see when the payment expires. It is also handy to have your parking space number for adding time if you need to extend your visit.

Do I have to go back to the original pay station to extend time?

No. You can go to any pay station in downtown and add time to the space.

How is the City enforcing the pay stations?

The enforcement personnel is carring handheld equipment that shows which parking stalls are paid for and which aren't. When they get to the beginning of a block they check to see which stalls are paid for and which ones are not. If a non-paid stall has a vehicle in it, a citation will be issued.

Where is the free parking?

All of the off-street parking lots will remain free as well as all of Santa Clara Street, Poli Street, Thompson Boulevard, and the side streets south of Santa Clara Street. New signage will direct customers to free parking areas. In addtion, there are several free motorcycle parking spots around the downtown.

I am disabled and can’t walk from the free parking areas. How is the City going to accommodate my needs?

All on-street parking is free and without time restrictions for anyone who has an accessible parking placard or accessible license plate issued by the State of California.

I am a resident and live in or adjacent to the downtown core area where the parking pay stations are placed. People are parking in front of my house so they don’t have to pay.  How can I address that?

This is a concern that the City shares. As a part of the program, the City Council has set up a program for residents to obtain a residential parking permit. This allows residents to park on-street as they did before if they have limited on-site parking at their residence. The permits will be issued for a 2-year period and can be obtained at City Hall in the Engineering Office. Up to two permit are allowed per unit.

Is there enough parking in the Downtown area?

There is! As a part of the Downtown Specific Plan we looked at this issue and found that there always has been and continues to be enough parking Downtown for current and near-future needs. We have a plan in place to ensure that we provide enough parking as the Downtown continues to grow through future public-private partnerships that will add structured parking as it is needed. 

The City is currently working on preliminary planning on new structured parking and is looking at three potential sites.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Ventura is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and promoting clean transportation and has installed a total of 16 electric vehicle charging stations at six locations: the Beachfront Parking Structure at 550 Harbor Boulevard, the Downtown Parking Structure at 555 Santa Clara Street, City Hall at 501 Poli Street, the City Maintenance Yard at 336 Sanjon Road, the East Ventura Metrolink Station at 6298 Inez Street, and the Community Park at 901 S Kimball Road.

Drivers can find and reserve unoccupied stations in Ventura and anywhere in the United States on the Chargepoint America website,  Users of the stations will be charged $1.00 per hour to recoup the cost of the electricity used to charge the vehicles.

Free Public Outdoor Wi-Fi Access

Free outdoor wireless broadband service has been launched in the public spaces of Downtown.  Residents and visitors can stay "connected" through the network, provided by the Downtown Management Program, to access the Internet, retrieve e-mail, or surf the Web without being connected to network cables.

Service is available daily during the hours of 6am - Midnight.  Users can access the service for a total of one hour at any given time, to assure use by the maximum number of persons.  Users must agree to accept the Terms and Conditions of use before connecting.

What is the name of the service?

The name of the City’s free outdoor wireless broadband service is “Downtown Ventura Wi-Fi.”

Where is the service located?

Primary service area of the outdoor Wi-Fi wireless network includes Main Street beginning at Fir Street and continuing to the Museum of Ventura County between Poli and Santa Clara Streets.

Is there a charge for the service?

No. It is a free service provided by the Downtown Parking Management Program.

Will I need any special settings or passwords to connect to the service?

No special settings, user names, or passwords are required.

Is this service secure?

No. It is open Internet access. Please keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information.

What can I do to protect my laptop while using the wireless service?

We recommend that you install a personal firewall and anti-virus software on your laptop.

What if I don’t select “I Agree” after the Terms and Use Agreement located on the opening page of the service?

If you don’t accept the agreement, you are not authorized to use the free service. The Terms and Conditions primarily prohibit illegal use of the service or any use that would interfere with the performance or use of the service by others. The agreement also identifies and warns users of the potential security risks associated with the use of a public Wi-Fi network.


General Facts About Parking in our Downtown

  • Downtown Ventura has more than 2,500 free public parking spaces in 15 public parking lots located just around the corner from most businesses. Only on-street spaceson  Main Street and Californai Street are metered.

  • The Parking Management Program ensures availability of premium on-street parking spaces so that customers who come downtown have convenient access to the businesses they visit.

  • There are 48 free green parking stalls located near the parking pay stations for quick errands under 24-minutes and 34 free yellow loading zone spaces to be used for deliveries and pickup of materials and goods (20 minute limit).

  • Revenue from the pay stations funds a cleaner, safer Downtown for everyone. 
    -The program is funding a full-time officer dedicated solely to Downtown 
    -The program is providing upgrades where light levels were inadequate, and new lighting to be installed where no lights exist, allowing a greater degree of public safety for residents and visitors
    -Landscaping improvements                                                         

  • The Parking Management Program is also providing free public Wi-Fi access that is attracting people and business to Downtown.

  • The Downtown Parking Management Plan and the Downtown Specific Plan were adopted in 2007 after extensive outreach with the support of the Downtown Ventura Organization, the elected body that represents property owners and merchants.

The City is also working on long-term parking needs. Work is undergoing on adding structured parking in the downtown area to support increased demands in the future. Staff is working with priviate property owners on three potential sites.