Giving money to panhandlers may make us feel good for a moment, but cash spent on feeding addictions shortens the life of homeless individuals and supports their ability to live on the street rather than get permanent help. So what makes us feel good in the short term is not good in the long term. 







There’s another way to help. Give to charities that provide meals, medical attention, case management and housing services that get people off the streets and focused on long-term solutions. Reducing homelessness requires all of us to say, “No,” to panhandlers, which will help create a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.

Panhandling Alternatives

Family Reconnection Program 805-302-1660

Turning Point Foundation  805-652-0596

Project Understanding  805-652-1326

Salvation Army  - 805-648-5032

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul 805-487-1558

Ventura Social Services Task Force
Homeless Prevention Fund -

Homeless One Stop Center - Every Tuesday 10 - 1pm, 3147 Loma Vista Road, Ventura

Homeless Assistance Hotline - Monday - Saturday 8 - 4pm, 805-639-3600