Residential Allocation Program (RAP)

On April 13, 2015, the City Council voted to create a residential allocation program to accomplish three goals:

  1. Provide the City Council authority and discretion over the housing types, pace of growth, and quality of residential development
  2. Thoughtful allocation of limited City resources and services, such as water, land, sewer, and transportation, to ensure that high priority residential projects are developed in appropriate areas
  3. Ensure a range of housing types that accommodate all income levels, from executive estates to affordable housing units

The Residential Allocation Program (RAP) will be developed over the next six months with community input.  During Program implementation in 2016, it is likely new and incomplete applications proposing three or more new residential legal lots of record (parcels), or three or more units on one parcel, would be subject to review under the new RAP.   Projects that are 100% affordable residential units are anticipated to be exempt.

Next Steps


1.  City Council hearing

February 22, 2016 at 6PM

City Hall, Council Chambers

2.  RAP Implementation



Information Resources

Documents from February 22, 2016 City Council Hearing on Draft RAP Ordinance

Staff Report
Attachment A - Planning Commission Administrative Reports of November 12, 2015 and November 20, 2015
Attachment B - Planning Commission Minutes of November 12, 2015 and November 20, 2015
Attachment C - Planning Commission Resolution 2015-25 Recommending the City Council Not Adopt the RAP
Attachment D - Draft City Council Resolutions and Ordinances to Adopt the RAP Program
Attachment E - Draft City Council Resolutions Not to Adopt the RAP Program

Documents from November 12, 2015 Planning Commission Hearing on Draft RAP Ordinance

Staff Report 
Draft Residential Allocation Program Ordinance (dated October 29, 2015)
Illustrative Flowchart of RAP Process
Summary of Draft RAP Evaluation Criteria
Comparative Matrix of RAP, Housing Approval Program, and Residential Growth Management Program
Draft Addendum #3 to 2005 General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report

Documents from previous City Council meetings:

February 2, 2015 City Council meeting
April 13, 2015 City Council meeting

Resource Documents

Comparative matrix of residential allocation program examples from other communities

Civic Engagement Process

Documents from September 10, 2015 Civic Engagement Workshop #2:

Draft Residential Allocation Program Ordinance (dated September 3, 2015)   
Summary Notes     
PowerPoint Presentation
9/10/2015 Workshop #2 Comment Cards

Documents from June 30, 2015 Civic Engagement Workshop #1:

Summary Notes
PowerPoint Presentation
6/30/2015 Workshop #1 Comment Cards

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