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Appointments Recommendation Committee

City Clerk's Office, 805-658-4787. Committee Members, Councilmember Christy Weir, Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews and Councilmember Matt LaVere.
As deemed necessary
3 Members
The Appointments Recommendation Committee is responsible for recommending to the City Council individuals for appointment/reappointment to Council Advisory Boards, Commissions or Committees.

Charter Review Committee

Currently an inactive committee.
As deemed necessary.
The Charter Review Committee will convene to address a number of areas within the City Charter that may require amending, clarification, or modification. The Committee is tasked with completing its work and returning with its recommendations within one year of their first meeting.

City Council

City Clerk's Office, 805-658-4787. City Council: Mayor Erik Nasarenko, Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews, Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann, Matt LaVere, James L. Monahan, Mike Tracy and Christy Weir.
Mondays at 6pm
7 Members / 4 Years
There are seven members of the Ventura City Council. Each member must be a registered voter in the City and is elected at-large. Each member represents the interests of the City as a whole.

Cultural Affairs Commission

Georgeanne Lees, 658-4720. Commissioners: Chair Ken May, Vice Chair Banks Staples Pecht, Betsy Chess, Deborah Walsh, Marie Lakin and Raul Zapata.
4th Thursday of alternating months (Jan, Mar, May, etc) / 5:30pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Provide planning, financial support, services for, and promoting development of arts organizations, artists, and cultural activity and tourism in the City. Advise on matters pertaining to the arts, culture, and cultural tourism.

Design Review Committee

Planning Dept., 654-7893. Email: Committee members: Chair Brian Brodersen, Vice Chair David Ferrin, Albert Antelman, Tyson Cline, and Fiona Dunne.
1st Wednesday / 6pm (and 3rd Wednesday if needed)
5 Members / 4 Years
Report to the Planning Commission, review and consider applications for approval of design including public and private projects, applications for sign variances and proposed design elements or components of specific plans, historic districts, or other special areas.

Downtown Parking Advisory Committee

Thomas Mericle, City Transportation Manager, 654-7774. Committee members: Chair Kevin Clerici, Vice Chair Tom Wood, Barbara Evans, and Karen Schott.
3rd Thursday / 3pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Advise on parking management strategies and programs in the Downtown Parking District area. Make recommendations regarding management, maintenance, and operations of the Downtown Parking District, including such matters as maintenance, operating and capital budgets, hours of operation, parking pricing policies, valet programs, and employee commuter parking policies.

Economic Development Committee

Leigh Eisen, 805-677-3947. Committee members: Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann, Christy Weir and Matt LaVere.
1st Tuesday of the month / 2pm
3 Members
The Economic Development Committee is responsible for providing input, guidance, and structure to the community efforts in implementing the Economic Development Strategy, which was adopted in March of 2013.

Finance, Audit & Budget Committee

Staff contact: Gilbert Garcia, Finance & Technology Director, 654-7777. Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews, Councilmembers Cheryl Heitmann, Christy Weir.
As posted.
3 Members
The purpose of the Finance, Audit & Budget Committee shall be advisory to the City Council.

Historic Preservation Committee

Planning Dept., 654-7893. Email: Committee members: Chair Pamela Huckins, Vice Chair Tyson Cline, Ann Huston, Sherry Schafer, and Mel Willis.
4th Monday / 4pm
5 Members / 4 Years
Report to the Planning Commission, advise and recommend concerning the designation of historic districts, landmarks, sites, natural configurations, buildings, structures, and points of interest significant to the heritage and development of the City.

Homeless Subcommittee

Peter Brown, 805-658-4707. Subcommittee members: Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews, Councilmember Jim Monahan and Councilmember Matt LaVere.
2nd Thursday of the month / 4pm
3 Members
The issue of homelessness and the impact on the community.

Legislative Committee

City Manager's Office. Subcommittee members: Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews and Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann.
As posted.
3 Members

Library Advisory Commission

Denise Sindelar, Community Partnerships Manager, 658-4793. Commissioners: Chair Debbie Giles, Vice Chair Dolly Knight, Paul Feldman, David Luna, Dolly Knight, Berta Steele and Patrick C. Squires.
alternate 4th Tuesdays / 5:30pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Advise in all matters pertaining to library service in the City. Assist in implementing the community library vision. Assist in developing overall priorities for City services and facilities that take into consideration all the needs of the community including public library services and facilities.

Local Appeals Board, also serves as Housing Appeals Board

Building Official, Yolanda Bundy, 677-3963 Board members: Chair Kathy Adams, Vice Chair Joe Kapp, Kara Davis, Larry Hauer, Karen Heyrend, Robert Schuler, and Art Troll.
4th Wednesday of the month / 5pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the Building Official or Fire Marshall relative to the application and interpretation of the building requirements of the City.

Measure O Oversight Committee

Finance & Technology Director: Gilbert Garcia, 654-7899. Board Members: Kathlene Bokoloes, Marni Brook, Kristopher Hansen; Bill Hickman, David Jaffe, Mary Laurel Rutledge, Jordana Ybarra-Telias
Quarterly (May, Aug, Nov, Feb), TBD
7 Members / 4 Years
Review the projected revenues and recommended expenditures for the funds generated by Measure O and make recommendations to the City Council on the same as a part of the City’s budget process.

Mobile Home Rent Review Board

Rent Administrator: Yesania Anderson, 654-7717. Board members: Louis Cunningham, Gary Jacobs, David Norrdin and Terry Towner.
Quarterly (Nov, Feb, May, Aug), 3rd Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm.
5 Members / 4 Years
Receive, investigate, hold hearings on, and act on the issues relating to mobile home park rent stabilization. Map of Ventura's Mobile Home Parks (pdf)

Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Buenaventura

Dori Boyer, Management Analyst I, 805-654-7732. Board Members: Chair Jim Friedman, Vice Chair Denise Collin, David Keebler, Ed McCombs, Bridgette McInally, Scott Powers, Joe Richards
3rd Wednesday of each January / 2:30pm
7 Members
Established pursuant to H&S Code Section 34179 to assist in the close out and wind down of the dissolved Redevelopment Agency.  

Parks and Recreation

Parks, Recreation and Community Partnerships Director, 658-4736. Commissioners: Chair Angie Hecht; Vice Chair Kathy Bremer; Commissioners Ron D'Incau, Paul Drevenstedt, Jenise Hernandez, Matthew LaVere, and Jim White
3rd Wednesday / 5pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Assist in recommending and promoting public parks and recreation programs, facilities and events, and to stimulate interest. Review and recommend on those portions of the long range capital improvement program pertaining to the development of parks and facilities, beaches, golf courses, playing fields, and recreation centers.

Planning Commission

Planning Dept., 654-7893. Email: Commissioners: Chair Nancy Butler Francis, Vice Chair David Ferrin, Mark Abbe, Dan Long, Laura Dunbar, Jane Farkas and Rob Corley.
2nd Wednesday / 6pm (and 3rd Wednesday if needed)
7 Members / 4 Years
Learn how PC meetings are run by reading the Adopted Protocols at

Public Art Commission

Denise Sindelar, Community Partnerships Manager, 805-658-4793. Commissioners: Chair Daniel Saltee, Vice Chair Todd Collart, Barbara Brown, Hilda Freyre, William Growdon, Michael Faulconer, and Claudia Pardo.
2nd Tuesday / 5:30pm
7 Members / 4 Years
Advise and recommend on the quality, quantity, scope, and style of art in public places projects. Insure accessibility and diversity in art in public places. Advise and recommend on the development and implementation of the Art in Public Places Program policies and guidelines.

Tree Advisory Committee

Ralph Deex Public Works Supervisor, 652-4540. Committee members: Chair Tom Stanley, Vice Chair Diana Boydstun, Member Angie Hecht, Member Martin Rosenburg, Member Jason Stetler.
2nd Thursday/ 6:30pm
5 Members / 4 Years
Assist in developing, reviewing, and amending the comprehensive street tree management plan, street tree inventory, and CityTree Master Plan. Advise on technical problems related to trees, including management techniques concerning all phases of urban forest management.

Water Commission

Debra Martinez, Ventura Water Administrative Secretary, 652-4587
4th Tuesday / 6:00pm
7 Members / 4 Years
The Water Commission shall have the power, and it shall be its duty, to review and make advisory recommendations regarding water rates, water resources infrastructure projects in the five-year capital improvement program, the integrated water resources management plan, water supply options, the Urban Water Management Plan approval process, a water dedication and in-lieu fee requirement, and other water resource issues. Four members of the water commission shall each be employed, or have been...

Water Quality