Land Development Engineering

The Land Development Engineering Division in Public Works collaborates with the Planning Division and other City Departments to review and approve private development projects throughout the City.  Its main function is to ensure that new developments, which include residential, industrial and commercial projects, meet applicable City ordinances and state laws and their impacts to existing infrastructure are properly mitigated.  Land Development staff also reviews and approves site grading plans to ensure that development projects drain properly and public improvement plans to ensure that improvements made in the public right-of-way meet all City standards.  Land Development Engineering also processes Maintenance Assessment Districts (MADs), Tract Maps and issues Encroachment Permits and License Agreements for any improvements within public right-of-way.  Staff consists of two engineers and two engineering technicians plus support staff and consultants.Office Location:    Ventura City Hall - 501 Poli Street, Room 117, Ventura CA 93001

                                  Phone:  (805) 654-7829
                                  Fax:      (805) 641-2775

Business Hours:  Open from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm
                                  Except on Thursday, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm
                                  Closed for lunch 12:00 noon until 1 pm
                                  Closed on holidays and alternating Friday,
                                  please refer to City Hall calendar


Ventura Public Works received the prestigious American Public Works Association (APWA) Accreditation Award in July, 2014. This award is a the “seal of approval” from APWA for implementing nationally recognized best practices, state-of-the-art operations, and most efficient use of public resources.  


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    Land Development Submittal Requirements for Planning Applications

ENCROACHMENT PERMITS  are required for any work proposed within the City's public right-of-way or easements. Examples of such work includes, but is not limited to driveway construction/repair, sewer lateral connections/repair, fire line connection/repair.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS:  Insurance needs to be Unconditional primary & not contributory; Name the City Additionally insured ($1mil); Cover ongoing operations; Cover completed operations; Certificate holder: City of Ventura. 

    Encroachment Permit Procedures                                            Encroachment Permit Application

    (Sample form)                                                                                Encroachment Permit

    Encroachment Permit - General Conditions

     Contact the Land Development inspector 24 hours prior to start of construction at (805) 797-7132 or 654-7894
     Contact USA underground service alert 48 hours prior to digging at toll free number 811

GRADING PLANS & PERMITS are required for sites with earthwork involving excavation and/or fill in accordance with the City's Grading Ordinance.  There are special requirements for grading in the hillside areas.

Submittal Checklist for Grading only Plans                                  Grading Bond Form
Preparation Checklist for Grading only Plans                              Grading Permit (sample form)
City Grading Ordinance No. 2007-011 Certifcation                     Rough Grading Certification
Hillside Management Program                                                       Final Grading Certification       
Standard Grading Notes                                
 IMPROVEMENT PLANS are required for projects within the City, which in addition to grading include streets, drainage, sewer, and water.  Construction of these improvements requires an encroachment permit.

Request to Deviate from City Standards     
Submittal Checklist Grading & Improvement Plans                     Labor & Material Bond
Preparation Checklist Grading & Improvement Plans                 Faithful Performance Bond
Submittal Checklist for Tract/Parcel Maps                                     Monument Bond Form

RESIDENTIAL PARKWAY BIOSWALE permits and standard details are available at the Land Development permit counter located in Room 117 at City Hall.

How to Obain a Permit to construct a Residential Parkway Bioswale
City Standard Detail #413
Vegetated Swale Planting Requirements


NPDES - MS4 Worksheet 2012 (TGM Tool)
Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SWPCP) Template
Declaration of Covenant Regarding Maintenance of Stormwater Devices
Stormwater Treatment Operation & Maintenance Plan
Local Storm Water Pollution Plan Certificate
Local Storm Water Pollution Plan City Approval

Power Pole Undergrounding

Residential Undergrounding Policies & Procedures


  • Illicet discharge hotline


City Standard Construction Details

Water Standard Details (Table of Contents)

Street Standard Details (Table of Contents)

Sewer Standard Details (Table of Contents)

Storm Drain Details (Table of Contents)

Miscellaneous Standard Details (Table of Contents)

Grading Ordinance Standard Details (Table of Contents)

City Engineering Design Standards

July 2008 Engineering Design Standards
    Amendment 1
    Amendment 2
    Amendment 3
    Amendment 4