Debris Removal

Debris Removal

The Debris Removal Hotline is available to call 24 hours a day. Generally, the City will have someone on site within 72 hours of a request.  To report significant debris issues, call the Debris Removal Hotline at 805.677.3999 or log on to

If you need to report TREE DEBRIS, please contact our Tree Hotline:
805-652-4550  during work days (7am - 5:30pm weekdays; closed alternate Fridays)
805-667-6519  for after-hours non-emergency

For public tree hazards & emergencies after hours and weekends, call the Ventura Police Department:
805-650-8010  for hazardous, fallen public trees or tree debris in the street or on sidewalks needing immediate attention

Safe and clean public places are a high community priority

In November 2011, the City Council adopted the Safe and Clean Initiative to redirect limited City resources and utilize partnerships to ensure that public places remain safe, clean and secure.  While the entire community as a whole is being addressed, six areas of focus have been identified: Mission Plaza, Mission Park, Mini Park, Plaza Park, the Promenade and South Seaward.  These areas are receiving maintenance frequently to ensure that they are safe and clean.

Responsibility of debris removal is dependent on the site in which it is located. The City is responsible for the removal of debris solely on public property that is serviced by the City and works in collaboration with Federal, State and County agencies to ensure our community is safe and clean.

The following are intended as guidelines on which entity should be contacted for debris removal:


Caltrans is the State agency responsible for debris removal along, underneath and immediately adjacent to freeways – including medians and on and off-ramps.

Shopping Cart Retrieval from Public Places

Residents can call Ventura Police Cadets at (805) 320-7961 to retrieve abandoned shopping carts on public property in Ventura. Cadets pick up shopping carts Monday through Friday from 8am - Noon.  Citizens are encouraged to leave a message on the phone line during off hours. 

California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation

The California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation (CSCRC) is responsible for the retrieval of shopping carts within contract.. CSCRC can be contacted at 1-800-252-4613.

Service Group Incorporated

Service Group Incorporated is contracted by Downtown Ventura Partners and provides a wide range of tasks to ensure our Downtown is an inviting place. Workers clean and remove debris in the service area of Main Street beginning at Fir Street and continuing to Ventura Avenue between Poli and Santa Clara Streets, including the Promenade area.
Contact Kevin Clerici at 805-641-1090 or

State Parks and Recreation Department

The State Parks and Recreation Department owns, and is responsible for debris removal on, beaches south of the pier and north of Marina Park, the South Beach jetty toward the Santa Clara River.  In addition, State Parks is responsible for Emma Wood State Beach, and the areas immediately adjacent to the bike path.

Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) owns and is responsible for debris and graffiti on and around the railroad owned property.

Ventura County Watershed Protection District

Ventura and Santa Clara River bottoms.

Private Property Debris Removal

Each and every property owner is responsible to manage or remove the debris generated by his or her property. Homeowners are also responsible for the proper disposal of tree debris from their property. To report issues on private property, contact Code Enforcement at 805-658-4711or send your request to

The City of Ventura has an ordinance, 16.210.040C SBCO, against parking a vehicle more than 72 hours on a city street at any given time. The Abandoned Vehicle Hotline is (805) 339-4432; please have the color, make, model, license plate number, and the address where the vehicle is parked in order to leave a message. For more information visit

Safe disposal of household toxins:

Hazardous waste should never be put in the trash bin. Toxins must be brought to the free monthly Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection events. Please call (805) 652-4525 (Monday-Thursdays, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) to make an appointment. For more information visit