Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

It is the goal of the Ventura Police Department to provide the best police services possible.  Our department is conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey in an effort to better gauge our level of service with, and amongst, members of the community.  Our goal is to utilize the results of the survey so as to improve upon our level of service to the community.

The survey consists of 17 questions and we would appreciate you taking the time (approximately 5 minutes) to complete the survey online.  You will remain anonymous however, in the event you would like a member of our department to contact you regarding the survey, or if you have any additional questions, you can provide your contact information at the conclusion of the survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We have embedded our survey directly into our web page below.  You can take the survey via the format shown below or, if you’d rather, please see the following link: “VPD Customer Satisfaction Survey” to have the survey open in a separate window. 

Once again thank you for your time and input.