Billing Adjustments

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PURPOSE: This Policy establishes and outlines procedures for crediting customers who experience unusually high water usage within the customer’s property.


Customers eligible for credits must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Customer has at least six months of history at the premise.
  • Unusually high water usage must be more than twice the two year premise average.
  • Premise may not exceed more than one adjustment every five years.
  • In the event of a leak, the leak must be corrected prior to any adjustment. Per Chapter 22.170 water waste prohibited, “It shall be presumed that a period of 48 hours after the water user discovers such leak, break or malfunction, or receives notice from the city of such condition, whichever occurs first, is a reasonable time within which to correct such condition.”
  • Customer must submit documentation within two months of the occurrence. If the customer has repaired the leak themselves, they may submit documentation including a copy of the planning permit for the repair and invoices for materials purchased.
  • Customer’s account is paid up to date before a credit is issued.


For residential customers credit shall be as follows:

  • Two year premise average is calculated and multiplied by two (A).
  • Identify premise usage for adjustment (B).
  • A minus B equals usage to be adjusted (C).
  • Usage to be adjusted is calculated at the difference between billed tier and next lower tier.
  • In the event that the usage for the adjustment (B) is all in the first tier, anything over the difference between A and B is credited.
  • Example: A-B=C or Premise two year average is 15, multiplied by 2 is 30 (A); Customer unusual usage is 20 (B); Amount to be adjusted is 10 (C). 10 hcf will be calculated at tier 1 rates.
  • If the unusual usage is during the sewer determination period, a copy of the adjustment is kept in an Average Winter Consumption file. Each of the customer accounts is individually monitored and re-calculated without the “out of normal” usage. After the average winter consumption routine is run, each customer account in the file is changed to reflect the usage without the excessive water use; thereby, not impacting customers future wastewater rates.


For commercial customers credit shall be as follows:

  • If the documentation states the leak was on an irrigation line and customer does not have separate irrigation meter, the credit will be given on the wastewater portion of the bill.
  • The wastewater charge will be recalculated at the customer’s two year premise average.
  • Credit is the difference of billed and recalculated charges.


Notes on credits and eligibility:

  • Customer shall still be responsible to pay all billing statements in full until credits are listed in subsequent billing statements. Customer shall not withhold any payments in anticipation of a credit. Failure to pay a bill in full will subject the customer to delinquency penalties and water shut-off per normal procedure for delinquent accounts.