Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Meeting: Planning Commission
Wednesday, March 08, 2017
06:00 pm
Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, 501 Poli Street

  • Agenda
  • March 8, 2017 Approved Meeting Minutes
  • Agenda Item No. 1
    Approval of the Joint DRC and PC February 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes.
  • Agenda Item No. 2
    PROJ-11082 -  Request for an Alcohol Use Permit allowing a Type 20 License (Off-sale Beer and Wine) that would allow the sale of beer and wine for a new Sprouts Farmers Market.  The operational and alcohol sales hours would be from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.  The customer service area for alcohol sales would be approximately 240-square feet within an existing 35,161-square foot, single story commercial building with access to 143 parking spaces on a 2.99 acres property located at 4870 Telephone Road; SF Markets, LLC (Sprouts Farmers Market #415), applicant; Commercial Planned Development (CPD) zone; Case No. UP-11-16-38135
  • Agenda Item No. 3
    General Plan Conformance Review of the Proposed 2016-2022 Capital Improvement Plan (2nd Year).
  • Agenda Item No. 4 (complete staff report and attachments)
    Agenda Item No. 4 - Attachment D Exhibit A - Draft Zone Ordinance Amendment  (clean version)
    Agenda Item No. 4 - Attachment D Exhibit A - Draft Zone Ordinance Amendment (redline version)
    Agenda Item No. 4 - Errata Memo No. 1 - (posted 3/6/17)
    Agenda Item No. 4 - Errata Memo No. 2 - (posted 3/8/17)
    PROJ-11216 - Request for Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map Amendments to establish a zoning overlay district (Emergency Shelter Overlay District) that will provide a location where emergency shelters, with full supportive services, can be established with a Conditional Use Permit. As a Zoning Map amendment, the overlay district would be placed on properties located south of Highway 101 in the Arundell District in the M-1, M-2, and MPD zones. To implement the Project, various text and map amendments are proposed to the Zoning Ordinance including revisions to Definitions and Chapter 24.437-Emergency Shelter Regulations. There is no associated development project only these legislative changes to the City's Municipal Code and Zoning Map; City of San Buenaventura, applicant; Case Nos.: OA-1-17-38662, EIR-1-17-38663