Speakers Bureau


"Our long-range vision is to build an ethic and a fabric of robust civic engagement – what philosopher Alexis De Toqueville called “the habits of the heart.” His phrase evokes what the Ventura Vision called “direct engagement in public affairs” through “participation, hard work and collaboration... sustaining Ventura as an exceptional place.” The policies and actions in this chapter aim to do just that."

- 2005 General Plan (PDF, 12.5mb) Chapter 10 "Our Involved Community"

Invite a city speaker to your next meeting

Learn more about the latest city happenings, various programs, services and community efforts. Get involved and get in-the-know. Choose your topic of interest, and we'll schedule a Council member or city staff member to speak with your neighborhood association, civic club, non-profit agency or business group.

To schedule a speaker, please contact Lysa Urban at lurban@cityofventura.net or 805-677-3914.