Public Engagement Projects

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Our goal is to strive to work together as a community to achieve the Ventura Vision through civic engagement, partnerships, and volunteer service.

Community Needs / Revenue Survey, May 2015Community Needs Revenue Survey, May 2015

In May 2015 the City of Ventura conducted a citizen survey to measure residents’ opinions about community needs and revenue options to support essential city services. 

Research firm Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) developed the survey in consultation with city staff, and interviews were made by telephone with a random sample of 602 city of Ventura registered voters who are likely to vote in the 2016 General Election.


View results of the Community Needs / Revenue Survey, May 2015 here (Powerpoint, 2.12 MB)


Resident Survey 2014

City of Ventura Resident Survey 2014In November 2014 the City of Ventura funded and conducted a citizen survey to measure resident satisfaction and civic engagement issues.  The survey included questions about the quality of life in Ventura, the effectiveness of local government, the city's customer service, how residents get information about the city, and the relative importance and satisfaction of select city-provided services.

The initial results have been completed and reveal that Ventura residents: are generally happy with the direction the city is taking, feel that the quality of life in Ventura is excellent, support city government, and feel that the city provides good customer service. 

However, the results also reflect that Ventura residents are interested in increased levels of service in specific areas, such as programs to prevent homelessness, crime prevention, water conservation, jobs creation, and street maintenance.

View results of the City of Ventura Resident Survey 2014 here (Powerpoint, 7.3KB)

Results of our Online Citizens' Survey (January - March 2015)

Ventura residents participated in a brief (6-question) online survey, and here are the results:

1. What is your zipcode?   93003 (47%), 93001 (28%), 93004 (24%) and no reply (1%)

2. How would you rate Ventura as a place to live?  Excellent (32%), Good (58%), Fair (10%)

3. Would you say that things in the city of Ventura are generally headed in the right direction or do you feel things are on the wrong track?   Right direction (47%), Wrong track (33%), Don't know (20%)

4. What do you think is the most important issue facing residents of the City of Ventura, that you would like to see City government do something about?   See attached survey results for question #4, PDF.

5. For each city service, please tell us how IMPORTANT that service is. (Use a scale of 1-7, where 1 means NOT AT ALL important and 7 means VERY important.)  See attached survey results for question #5, PDF.

6. For the same list of city services, please tell us how SATISFIED YOU ARE PERSONALLY with that service. (Use a scale of 1-7, where 1 means NOT AT ALL satisfied and 7 means VERY satisfied.)  See attached survey results for question #6, PDF.

Civic Engagement

It is not enough to have a vision of smart growth for Ventura. Achieving that vision requires the active and ongoing participation of an engaged and active community.

Fortunately, Ventura builds on a strong foundation: thousands of Ventura citizens are involved in their schools and places of worship and give their time to civic, cultural, and charitable organizations.

City Commissions, the Community Councils, the Chamber of Commerce and other well-established avenues provide opportunities for community leadership.

The vision of an “involved community” was described in the Ventura Vision report as: seeking “broad community collaboration; more widely publicizing city government services, planning processes and policies; better involvement of typically under-represented groups such as youth, seniors and ethnic minorities in community planning; and developing public parks, plazas, neighborhood greenways and other spaces that promote civic interaction and events.”

- 2005 General Plan, Chapter 10 "Our Involved Community"