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The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division is committed to the preservation of Ventura's environment through innovative waste reduction and po

llution prevention programs, including effective public education and outreach for residents and businesses.     

Are you looking for information on Household Hazardous Waste Disposal?  Are you a commercial business looking for technical assistance to reduce waste or conserve energy and water?  As a homeowner, do you have questions about your recycling and trash service?  Do you want to know more about what we do to educate the community?  Find it all here!

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

The City of Ventura's Environmental Sustainability Strategy serves as a guide document to help the city's municipal operations function sustainably. Focused primarily on energy, fuel, and water reduction, the strategy helps Ventura to reduce operational costs and reduce its environmental footprint.  Environmental Sustainability Strategy (pdf 2,716KB)


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WATCH Sustainable Ventura" on CAPS-TV's VTV, Channel 15, on Thursdays at 8:30pm with rebroadcasts weekly (visit: - program listings for Channel 15) and on the NEWS Pages at for the latest in environmental and sustainable practices, programs, events, issues and happenings taking place in and/or offered by the City of Ventura.  Sustainable Ventura News is reported by Maryann Ridini Spencer.

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Big Belly takes a bite out of trash

This past August, The City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division, in partnership with the Downtown Ventura Partners (DVP),  installed 30 Big Belly trash and recycling bins. These containers are state-of-the-art, using solar power to self-compact trash, which reduces the amount of necessary pick-ups, saving money. These bins provide easy recycling at each trash container too. This will help Ventura to divert even more recyclables from the landfill, encourage public recycling, and eliminate unsightly scavenging of recyclables. Read More.

Volunteer Opportunities

Public Works Department Environmental Sustainability has a variety of volunteer opportunities each year to help make Ventura's Environment even better. No experience is necessary; City staff will provide training. Volunteer Ventura is a great way to find out about volunteer opportunities or call 805-652-4525 for more information.




Reducing Municipal Energy Use Through Energy Efficiency Programs

The City of Ventura pays over $4.5 million each year to run our facilities and treat and transport our water and wastewater. This cost would be significantly higher if not for a tradition of aggressive energy efficiency practices that save over 11 million kilowatt hours, or $1.7 million, each year. Most recently, the City has received over $1.5 million in energy grant funding to implement programs that save the City money and support community energy efficiency efforts. Learn more about these programs, including a planned solar electric system that will cut City Hall’s electricity bill by 75%, by viewing the presentation given to City Council.  Full Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Update Council Report.


Ventura Post Peak Oil Study

The peak in global oil production, or Peak Oil, will necessitate a change in the way communities function.While most planning for post Peak Oil focuses on the generation of alternative energy sources to compensate for depleted oil supplies, the goal of this plan is to decrease  energy consumption through community design and planning. This approach requires the localization of resources and transformation of urban environments and lifestyles and therefore provides an opportunity to enhance quality of life.

The Post Peak Oil Vision Plan analyzes probable implications of Peak Oil on the City of San Buenaventura and the surrounding region, and describes a vision for Post Peak Oil planning that responds to these implications by building upon positive trends that are already taking place. This vision is supported by planning and design guidelines as well as a phased implementation plan. The regional vision emphasizes preservation of natural resources, concentration of the developed footprint, and intra-regional collaboration. Check out the Peak Oil Study  and Peak Oil Presentation.

Community Partner

Ventura takes an active leadership role in protecting natural resources and promoting environmental quality. Ventura already boasts one of the state's highest recycling rates, uses solar power to generate some of its electricity, is a leader in sustainable "smart" growth, and partners with local governmental groups and non-profits to engage and educate our community.