USAR (Urban Search And Rescue)

The Ventura City Fire Department Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) Team was formed to facilitate rescues for any man-made or natural disaster.  USAR responses include earthquakes, cave-ins, floods, explosions, structural collapses and other complex extrication situations.  The Ventura City Firefighters tasked with carrying out this mission (USAR Team) have undergone a minimum of 240 hours of specialized rescue training in building collapse, rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench collapse, as well as rapid intervention tactics which are essential to rescuing a downed or trapped Firefighter.  

The USAR Team also carries specialized equipment inventories for each of these rescue disciplines.  Some of these tools include, but are not limited to, a thermal imaging camera (TIC), air sampling monitor, jaws of life, concrete cutting saws, jackhammers, rope rescue equipment, and standard firefighting protective equipment.  The USAR Team will stabilize the scene, make access to, and ultimately extricate the victim.

The Ventura City Fire Department is part of USAR Regional Task Force Team 7 (RTF-7).  The RTF-7 is comprised of members from eleven fire departments spanning two Counties: Ventura County and Santa Barbara County.  Along with other area USAR Teams, this resource is available to respond anywhere in the state of California. All personnel assigned to Ventura City Fire Station 5 have received advanced training for this assignment.