Ready Set Go!


Are You Ready?


Reducing the risk of fire and other destructive hazards calls for help from our community. Due to extended drought conditions and climate change, fire season is year round. If you live next to a natural area, the Wildland Urban Interface, you must provide firefighters with the defensible space they need to protect your home. The buffer zone you create by removing weeds, brush and other vegetations helps to keep the fire away from your home and reduces the risks from flying embers. Creating a defensible space around your home is required space between a structure and the wildland area that, under normal conditions, creates a sufficient buffer to slow or halt the spread of wildfire to a structure. It protects the home from igniting due to direct flame or radiant heat.

Defensible space is essential for structure survivability during wildfire conditions. The Ready, Set Go! guide will help you through the process of making your home resistant to wildfires and your family ready to leave early and safely. Click here download the publication and plan your personal Wildfire Action Plan today.