Just For Parents



As a parent, our primary and most important job is to keep our children safe and our goal is to try to give children the required information that they will need to keep themselves safe as possible.

This section was created to give parents safety tips to keep their children and household safe.


Tips for Parents of Preschool and Elementary Age Children

Ages 2-4

  • Teach your children their full name, address and telephone number (including area code).
  • Your child should know how to dial 9-1-1 for help.
  • Teach your child that Mom and Dad have other names too. Be sure they know your first and last names.
  • Teach your child to always stay in your sight. If they want to go somewhere teach them to ask a supervising adult such as a teacher, babysitter or parent for permission.
  • Teach your children to stay with you whenever you are in a public place and never to leave if they get lost. Determine a meeting place for you to meet if this should happen. Explain that someone who works at a store or park is their friend and will be able to help them if they are ever lost.
  • Teach your children your family code word and that they are to never go with any one who does not know the word.

Ages 4-7

  • Have your child practice the buddy system when going anywhere.
  • Teach them there is safety in numbers.
  • Remind your child to stay within your sight and to never go anywhere without telling you first.
  • Explain to your child that abductors are sometimes people they already know.
  • Beware of an adult who pays extra attention to a specific child.
  • Teach your child to come and tell you if they ever feel uncomfortable with an adult.
  • Help your child become aware of their surroundings so they can take notice of details and can recognize safe places.
  • Help build your child’s self esteem. Children who are confident and feel loved are less likely to be lured by an abductor.