Just For Kids!


Welcome to the Ventura City Fire Department's JUST FOR KIDS page!

  We are so glad you came to our website!

All of us here at the Ventura City Fire Department want to make this section of our website a

FUN PLACE for kids like yourself to learn more about our department and about fire safety! 

We also would like to teach you things to help protect you and your family!







FEMA wants you to test your disaster preparedness skills and become a Disaster Hero! (Great graphics and interface!)







Play these interactive games to help you learn more about fire safety! 






Sparky teaches about fire safety, including escape routes, and smoke alarms. Features games and coloring pages.







Learn how to make an emergency supply kit, create an escape plan, and what to do in tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or floods. 





Fire Administration tips that can help kids and their family be safe from fire.   




Sesame Workshop, along with its project partners has created Let’s Get Ready! Planning Together for Emergencies with tips, activities, and other easy tools to help the whole family prepare for emergencies – together!




As a parent, you'll find important information that can help you to make your home safer. As an educator, you'll find the makings of a valuable resource that will provide you with tools needed to teach fire safety. And if you're a student, you'll find all sorts of fun games and activities that help teach fire safety.



Additional Brochures and Activity Books!

Home Fire Escape Plan

Plan to Get Out Alive

Fire Safety Coloring Book

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety - Activity Book

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety - Activity Book (Spanish) 


We will be adding more links and photos as time goes on (this is a work in progress!)