Ventura City Fire Department Launches Facebook Page

On Tuesday, October 26, 2010, the Ventura City Fire Department launched their official Facebook page.  Venturans, the local media, and all other internet users will now be able to track the latest news and information about the Ventura City Fire Department and ongoing incidents.  On this page the department is planning to post incident updates, information about upcoming public education events, and share important fire prevention and life safety messages.

It is extremely important for the fire department to communicate with our public.  Whether we are reminding people to check their smoke alarms once a month or updating the community during major emergency incidents, we need to get information to citizens and visitors.  Facebook is a valuable tool we plan on using.” says Ventura City Fire Chief Kevin Rennie.  "Our goal is to use all available resources to enhance our connection with our community.  As the media environment evolves, the Ventura City Fire Department is evolving with it."

The Ventura City Fire Department's Facebook page is located at: http://www.facebook.com/venturacityfire/