EMS / Paramedic Program


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Ventura City Fire Department continues to lead the way in proactive advancements in EMS and is the only fire department in Ventura County to require a paramedic on every engine.

Since 1996, the Department has been committed to providing paramedic level patient care. Our paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) undergo rigorous training and must maintain continuing educations hours annually.

Paramedic Program

The Ventura City Fire Department paramedic program has proven to be a great success since its inception nearly 16 years ago.  The primary goal of the program is to being life saving advanced life support to those in need as rapidly as possible.  While neighboring agencies provide basic life support (CPR), the Ventura Fire Department provides advanced life support, and has at least one paramedic on every piece of apparatus responding to emergency calls.  What this means for the community is at their time of greatest need , the Ventura City Fire Department will be there with life saving medications, equipment and highly trained, experienced personnel.

Firefighter paramedics are able to rapidly treat time sensitive medical illness such as heart attacks, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies and airway obstructions, to name a few.  All of the aforementioned problems if not treated quickly can have serious consequences for the patient.  However, prompt treatment by a paramedic can save lives and reduce the amount of time spent at the hospital.

There are several advantages to having firefighters trained as paramedics: Firefighters are "all risk."  What that means is that they are able to perform their duties in a variety of hazardous environments.  For the community, it can be distilled down to this.  A firefighter paramedic will begin treating victims of a car accident while they are still in the vehicle being extricated; they will treat victims of structure fires immediately after rescuing them; they will burrow their way into collapsed structures to rescue and treat victims.

Firefighters are the last line of defense when it comes fire, medical and technical rescue emergencies.  The Ventura Fire Department is proud to provide a broad spectrum of services to the citizens of Ventura, and stand ready with dedicated, highly-trained and equipped men and women to answer the call for help.