Back to School & Bus Safety


As the new school year approaches, it is a good time to review some simple safety tips that will help keep them safe when they are away from home.

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to pick the children up.
  • Always stand four giant steps back from the curb. When lining up, make the line away from the street.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • If the children have to cross the street to access the door, teach them to take at least six giant steps forward on the sidewalk before turning to cross the street. That way, the children and the bus driver can see each other.
  • Teach children to look around them before they get on and off the bus, so as not to leave anything behind.
  • Make children aware of the straps on their book bags, as well as any drawstrings that might be hanging from their clothes. These can easily get caught in the door or railings, so children need to take care to keep them secure.
  • Tell children that if they do drop something near the bus, tell the driver before they do anything. It is important to make sure that the bus driver knows where they are at all times.

If your child is home alone for a few hours after school:

  • Set up rules for locking doors and windows, answering the door or the telephone.
  • Make sure he or she checks in with you or a neighbor immediately after school.
  • Agree on rules for inviting friends over and for going to a friend's house when no adult is home.
  • Take time to listen carefully to children's fears and feelings about people or places that scare them or make them feel uneasy. Tell them to trust their instincts. Take complaints about bullies and other concerns seriously.