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 The Ventura City Fire Department is dispatched under a cooperative agreement by the Ventura County Fire Protection District, which operates the Regional Fire Communication Center. In 2009, the Ventura City Fire Department handled 11,500 calls for service, including large-scale fires, emergency medical responses, and minor public assistance calls.

The Ventura City Fire Department cooperates with other local and state firefighting agencies to control large fires when they occur. The system, called “Mutual Aid”, operates under a simple concept: “Help your neighbors during their time of need and they will be prepared to help you in return.” Mutual Aid is compared to an insurance policy which means communities do not have to pay daily for huge reserves of firefighting resources, but those resources can be called upon during a crisis.

Dispatchers send the appropriate engine companies, truck companies, and emergency medical services (EMS) units to each incident in order to have enough personnel on scene to complete the tasks necessary to safely mitigate an emergency. Tasks may include searching for victims, attacking the fire, ventilating toxic smoke from the structure, and searching the structure for places where fire may be hidden. Each fire unit has a minimum of one licensed paramedic on board. Each fire apparatus has an advanced medical supply cache, including oxygen, defibrillators, and critical life-saving mediations. The closest paramedic unit will be dispatched to begin providing care.

The Ventura City Fire Department maintains a highly trained and skilled workforce in many disciplines due to the unpredictable nature of emergencies. Many responsibilities go beyond extinguishing fires and providing EMS. Areas of specialized collateral training range from water and technical rescue to hazmat and fire suppression. This ensures that we are prepared to respond to all types of emergencies.

The Administration and Fire Operations Divisions support vital services that are delivered to our community with efficiency, experience and expertise.