Prop. 218 Info


Notice of Public Hearing On Proposed Increases to Solid Waste and Recycling Rates

The Ventura City Council welcomes your input during a public hearing to consider the proposed solid waste and recycling rates that will be held at the following place and time:

City Council Chambers - 501 Poli Street, Ventura CA on May 22, 2017, at 6:00 pm

Every EJ Harrison customer received, in the mail or via email, a notice about the proposed solid waste and recycling rate increase, as well as information about how to participate in the City Council's Public Hearing about the rates on May 22, 2017. The Prop 218 Notice is available in English or Spanish/Espanol. Additional hard copies can be picked up in the City Clerk's office. 

The proposed rate increase to be considered will increase rates by 1% on July 2017, and 1% on July 1, 2018. If you wish to protest the proposed charges, you must do so in writing prior to the close of the Public Hearing. Either the owner of the parcel or the person receiving the service for which the fee is charged may submit a written protest, but only one protest per parcel will be counted as provided by Government Code Section 53755(b). Written protests must be received at the Ventura City Clerk's Office at 501 Poli Street (Room 204), Ventura California 93002-0099 prior to the Public Hearing, or at the hearing.  Faxed, emailed, or photocopied protests will not be counted. 

A written protest must include all of the following: (1) A statement that you protest the increase in charge(s), (2) Name of the record owner or customer of record who is submitting the protest, (3) Identification by street address or utility account number of the parcel with respect to which the protest is made and (4) original signature and legibly printed name of the record owner or customer of record who is submitting the protest. A Rate Protest Form in English and Spanish/Espanol, can be completed and printed below or is available at the City Clerk's office. Oral comments at the public hearing are welcome, but will not qualify as a formal protest. If the City Council receives valid written protests from a majority of EJ Harrison customers, the proposed rate changes will not be adopted.

Resolution No. 2012-017 adopted by the Council on February 27, 2012, details the City's guidelines for submission and tabulation of protests in connection with rate hearings conducted pursuant to Article XIIID, Section 6 of the California Constitution (Proposition 218).