Montalvo Park


Active Public Art Projects

Montalvo Park - Movement and KIDS PLAY

Project Information:
Pasadena based sculptor Louis Longi has been selected by the Public Art Commission to create two new public art works for the new Montalvo Park at Promontory Point. Longi was selected for his proposal of two bronze sculptures entitled, Movement and KIDS PLAY. Longi was awarded a $20,000 contract to design, fabricate and install the two sculptures. The Montalvo Park is being built through a collaboration of city and developer resources. Through the use of Quimby Fees, developers' assessments are being used for the new park's construction and the incorporation of public art therein.

About the Artist:

The thirty-eight year old bronze sculptor grew up in the culture of Las Vegas where he formulated his personal experiences with art at an early age. He received many awards for his art while in high school and went on to study sculpture at UNLV, where he received the Devos Art Scholarship based on artistic merit. Longi is represented by numerous galleries in the United States, and has received sponsorship from Cirque de Soleil's Artist Outreach Program. After leaving Las Vegas, Longi moved to Denver, Colorado where he lived for eleven years. While apprenticing in the production of bronze sculptures, he established himself as a successful artist while developing his own style and reputation. All of his bronze sculptures are one-of-a-kind originals, with no series or editions. From Denver Longi moved to Laguna Beach to further his career in the Southern California region. His most recent commissions are for public art works for the City of Laguna Beach, a bronze sculpted bench, and for the City of Brea, two eight foot bronze figures.

About the design:
Movement is a 10' high bronze sculpture of a female figure in motion to be sited near Victoria Avenue at the west entrance to the park. His second sculpture, KIDS PLAY will be sited within the park near the main recreation area. As part of the creation of KIDS PLAY, a 4' bronze figure, Longi has worked with students from Montalvo Elementary School to develop small sculptures that will be placed on the outstretched arms of the childlike figure. All of Longi's bronze sculptures are one-of-a-kind originals with no series or editions.