Capital Design



The Capital Design Division plans for and designs projects, which includes creating drawings and specifications that are needed to obtain competitive bids from contractors.  Projects are either designed by engineers that are on staff or are outsourced to private consultants that are managed by staff depending on our workload and the type of project.  Typical projects include street repaving, water and sewer pipe replacements, park improvements, water and wastewater facility enhancements, drainage infrastructure improvements, new public restrooms, and beach shoreline protection.  The Design Team consists of nine engineers and two drafting technicians plus support staff.  The City uses the latest State of the Art computer software to draft construction drawings. 


Request for Qualifications to Provide On-Call 5-Year Professional Services to the
City of San Buenaventura

The City wishes to retain the services of several consulting firms to assist in the delivery of capital projects or other technical assistance.  The scope of work and fee for each specific project will be negotiated on an as-needed basis with a task order limit of $50,000.  These agreements will utilize a “task order” system to identify the specific firm/consultant scope of work, project description, time of completion, and compensation.

Scope of Services
Archaeological Services Architectural Engineering Design Services
Assessment Engineering Services Biological Assessment Services
Civil Engineering Design Services Coastal Engineering Services
Commercial Real Property Brokerage Services Construction Administration Services
Electrical Engineering Design Services Environmental Monitoring Services
Environmental Consulting Services Flood Plain Management Services
Geotechnical Engineering Services Hydraulic Modeling Services
Hydrogeology Services Hydrologic Engineering Services
Land Surveying Services Landscape Architectural Design Services
Mechanical Engineering Design Services Railroad Services
Real Property Appraisal Services Right-of-Way Acquisition Agent Services
Structural Engineering Design Services Traffic Count-Study Services
Traffic Modeling Services Traffic Transportation Engineering Services


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For recent bid results, call the City's Bid Hot Line: (805) 654-7772

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2016-2022 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan

City Standard Construction Details 

Capital Designs General Conditions

City Engineering Design Standards


Ventura Public Works received the prestigious American Public Works Association (APWA) Accreditation Award in July, 2014. This award is a the “seal of approval” from APWA for implementing nationally recognized best practices, state-of-the-art operations, and most efficient use of public resources.  

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