Corporate Games


Join us for the 26th annual Ventura Corporate Games – with over 10,000 participants, 80 companies. 32 events and 6 weeks of friendly business to business team sports competition – and discover a great way for your company to increase workplace wellness, pride and excellence through employee teamwork, camaraderie, competition and fun while winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, trophies & awards.

Find out more by contacting CG Director Eric Burton at 805/658-4738 or

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Schedules ■All ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D ■5K Run(1) ■5K Run(2) ■MB2 Kart Race

Results ■All ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D ■5K Run(1) ■5K Run(2) ■MB2 Kart Race


Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Basketball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Billiards Eight Ball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Billiards Nine Ball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Bocce Ball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Bowling

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Coed Beach Volleyball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Coed/Men’s Softball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Corn Hole Fundraiser

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Darts

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Dodgeball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Dominoes / Table Games

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   5K Run Register online here

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Flag Football

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Golf

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Horseshoes

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Indoor Coed Volleyball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Kickball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Lazertag

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Minature Golf

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   MB2 Kart Racing

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Paintball

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Run/Walk/Jog

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Sand Sculpture Contest

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Soccer Six-A-Side

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Spades / Table Games

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Speed Scrabble / Table Games

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Table Tennis

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Team Tennis

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Texas Hold’em / Table Games

Schedules ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D        ■Team Roster & Rules   Tug-O-War


Join us for the Sponsor Reception on April 1, 2015

Ventura Beach Marriott cordially invites company executives, coordinators and their guests to attend the Corporate Games Sponsor Recognition Reception on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Enjoy this business attire gala from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at 2055 East Harbor Boulevard, next to San Buenaventura State Beach. For more information contact Laura Johnson at 805/677-3917 or Invitation [coming soon]

 2015 T-Shirt Design Contest

Each company may submit ONE entry by May 4 that depicts (1) the spirit of the games, (2) what your company represents, and the Corporate Games (3) torch and (4) theme “It’s Game Time!” Mail your design to Lysa Urban, PO Box 99, Ventura, CA 93002 or drop it off at City Hall, 501 Poli Street, Room 226 (M-F 8-5 closed alternate Fridays). Teams may select any vendor of their choice but click the links below to display flyers of "special offers" that three vendors have created for Corporate Games.

Sign up for Corporate Games Community Service Projects

Click Corporate Games Community Service Project for live links to sign up online for the Volunteer Ventura! community service projects, as well as the required volunteer tracking and waiver forms, and United Way and Volunteer Match websites.

Companies that participate in community service projects, either through the City of Ventura Volunteer Ventura! program or elsewhere, will receive credit towards the Corporate Games Spirit Award by completing and returning the Volunteer Tracking Form.

Photo Contest

Capture events between March 28 and May 9  and enter by May 13, no more than ten images total per company of Corporate Games events in any combination of four categories: (1) group portraits, (2) action shots, (3) sportsmanship team spirit and (4) community service projects. All entries are eligible for citywide print and electronic media publication with photo credit. Entry rules


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Final Schedules           ■All ■A/AA ■B ■C ■D ■5K Run(1) ■5K Run(2) ■MB2 Kart Race

Final Scoreboard         ■All ■A/AABCD5K Run(1) ■5K Run(2) ■MB2 Kart Race

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