Code Enforcement


Preserving Our Community

Code Enforcement serves our community with compassion to:

  • promote safe and clean neighborhoods
  • preserve property values
  • support economic vitality through education and compliance

Ventura is where we live, work and play!

We receive requests to enforce ordinances adopted to address blight, nuisances, and health and safety issues.  We recognize every resident plays an important role in our community and deserves a safe place to work and live.  While attempting to balance the needs of all of our residents, we strive to deliver our services in a timely fashion, professionally, and with a good attitude. 

How do I report a code violation located within the City of Ventura?

  • Contact Code Enforcement - 805-658-4711
  • Send us your questions, complaints and compliments by using MY VENTURA ACCESS (MVA) -- our communications tool for community members.  MVA helps us improve customer service and increase staff efficiency.
  • Fax your signed complaint form to (805) 654-7561;
  • Mail your signed complaint form to PO Box 99, Ventura, CA, 93002, ATTN: Code Enforcement, or;
  • Drop off your signed complaint form at the public counter, 501 Poli St., Rm 117, Ventura.

Mosquito abatement and public pools contact:  COUNTY OF VENTURA, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, VECTOR CONTROL PROGRAM (805) 654-2813.

Barking dogs, including leash law enforcement contact:  COUNTY OF VENTURA, ANIMAL SERVICES, (805) 388-4341 extension 8893.

Code Enforcement Staff

Code Enforcement staff are usually in the field between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM so if they don't answer please leave a message including your name, phone number, Case # or address.  If the call is regarding an new complaint please see options above for filing a complaint. 


International Property Maintenance Code Amended and Adopted as the Ventura City Property Maintenance Code


Printable informational brochures

Business License Tax   -   SPANISH

Garage Sales   -   SPANISH

Home Occupation -- Do I need a business license to operate out of my home?   -  SPANISH

Housing Maintenance Resources   -   SPANISH


Obtaining Permits -- You have received a Notice & Order.  What should you do?   -   SPANISH

Public Nuisances   -   SPANISH

Signs   -   SPANISH

Signs -Downtown Sign Standards

Use of Public Streets and Other Rights of Way   -   SPANISH

Vehicles   -   SPANISH

Water Conservation -- Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Waterwise Landscaping

Debris Removal

Violation Descriptions

Common Violations within our City's Municipal Code

As part of the City's Code Enforcement educational outreach to the citizens of Ventura, listed below are slide shows with information regarding common violations:



HOUSING RIGHTS CENTER - Working for Justice and Equality in Housing - (follow the link and click on "Upcoming Events" to view scheduled workshops aimed at providing information on basic housing rights and responsibilities, such as refunding security depositis, cost of repairs, rent increases, notices, evictions and more.

California Tenants - A Guide to Residential Tenants and Landlords Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

County of Ventura -- Environmental Health Department
Government Center, Administration Building, 800 S. Victoria Avenue  Ventura, CA  93009-1730
General Environmental Health Information:  805-654-2813

County of Ventura -- Animal Services
Ventura County Animal Services Adoption Centers have new hours.
Beginning Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Camarillo & Simi Valley Adoption Center will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., seven days a week.

888-223-PETS (calling within Ventura County)  or  805-388-4341 (if calling from outside the County)
600 Aviation Drive, Camarillo

Ventura Police Department:  to report an Abandoned Vehicle on public property, call (805)339-4432  
Abandoned Vehicle Online Form

CITY OF VENTURA - Municipal Code