Cemetery Memorial Park


Welcome to Cemetery Memorial Park

Located between Main Street and Poli Street, adjacent to Aliso Lane, Ventura’s seven-acre Cemetery Memorial Park is situated on a hill with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands.

The site was an active cemetery until 1944 when burials were prohibited within the city limits.

The City assumed responsibility for the site and created the open green space so enjoyed today. Several years ago, because of concerns about deteriorating infrastructure and competing uses of the site, City Council approved developing a capital action plan for the park.

Following significant public input and review, Council approved a $250,000 plan that includes repair of the historic WPA wall and stairs, a limited memorial wall with historic headstones and interpretation, enhancement of the Veterans’ flagpole area, a historical exhibit at the Museum of Ventura County, and continuation of the city’s grave marker program.

Cemetery Memorial Park Signs and Improvements Project  

The scope of work for this project includes the installation of 5 interpretive signs with information about the site, repairs to the rock wall, landscaping improvements and a small memorial wall/area at the flag pole.

Click each image or interpretive sign below to view an enlarged version (PDF or JPG). Use the Command (Mac) or Control (PC) with the plus key "+" to further enlarge images.

Aerial View of Cemetery                                                              1938 Ventura Cemetery Plot Map with Family Names

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