Request for Public Records


The goal of the City is to provide a timely response to requests for public records. With certain exceptions, all records of the City are public records to which the public is entitled access. Pursuant to the Public Records Act (California Government Code Section 6250, et seq.), a person may request the opportunity to review and/or receive a copy of any public record.

The City will provide information within 10 days or advise you, in writing, of any exemption from disclosure or delay in providing the information and when it will be made available. Information that is readily available and not exempt will be provided promptly. Requests that are not exempt from disclosure that require research, retrieval, and reproduction will be provided at the earliest date possible and, in any case, within 24 days.

There is no charge to review public records. If copies of public records are desired, the following is a list of the costs:

  • Black and white copy - up to 8 1/2 x 14 - $0.15 per single-sided page.
  • Color copy - up to 81/2 x 14 - $0.30 per single-sided page.
  • Black and white copy - 11 x 17 - $0.25 per single-sided page.
  • Color copy - 11 x 17 - $0.55 per single-sided page.
  • Copies of large maps and documents will be based upon the charge for outside copy service.
  • Outside vendor copies will be based upon the charge for outside copy service.
  • Campaign Statements and Statements of Economic Interests - $.10 a copy
  • Document certification - $10
  • DVD/CD Recordable (CD-R) - $1 each

From time to time, the City creates documents and reports that are costly to reproduce such as general and specific plans, environmental impact reports, public works specifications, budgets, financial reports, etc. Copies of the information will be made available at a cost determined for the particular documents and reports requested. Additionally, duplicate documents and reports, if available, may be checked out for a period of 10 days.

For further information, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 805-658-4787 or