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The Planning Division

The Planning Division, part of the Community Development Department, is responsible for creating goals and policies for sustainable future development in the city and ensuring that all proposed and current development complies with those goals. 

Planning staff provides services and conducts activities which guide the city's orderly development by applying the current zoning codes, facilitating development, creating and implementing community plans and preserving historic resources. 

Contact the Planning Division at:

  • By Phone: (805) 654-7893 or (805) 654-7894 For Zoning Information
  • In Person: 501 Poli Street, Room 117, Ventura CA, 93001
  • Public Counter Hours:  7:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Monday - Wednesday and on alternate Friday)
                                              9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Thursday)
  • Planning Manager: Dave Ward (805) 677-3964,

General Plan Implementation

Annual Reports - Every Spring since 2011, the City Council received and reviewed annual status report from the Community Development Department regarding the implementation of the 2005 Ventura General Plan.  Below are the reports:

Housing Element  2014-2021

The Housing Element is a state mandated document that is part of the General Plan and contains analysis, policies, and programs with the objective to preserve, improve and promote housing for all economic segments of the community.  On September 16, 2013, the City Council adopted its 2014-2021 General Plan Housing Element.  

The City reports annually on the implementation of the Housing Element for the previous year.  The current annual report is:  2015 Housing Element Annual Progress Report.

In addition, Senate Bill 244 required the City to evaluate unincorporated Saticoy:   Feasibility Study

The City of Ventura has released the 2015 Update of the Housing Element Land Inventory (HELI) which lists all vacant or underutilized parcels in the City.

If you have any questions concerning the Housing Element update, please contact Dave Ward, Planning Manager at (805) 677-3964 or email

Ventura's General Plan

Adopted August 8, 2005 after more than seven years of  public meetings, 200 workshops and input by thousands of  residents, the General Plan sets long-range goals based on a shared vision to guide Ventura's future.

"The building of cities is one of man's greatest achievements. The form of his city has always been and always will be a pitless indicator of the state of his civilization. This form is determined by the multiplicity of decsions made by the people who live in it."
- Edmund N. Bacon
Design of Cities, 1967


Read the 2005 General Plan (12.5mb)

Final EIR for the 2005 General Plan (92mb)

General Plan Foundation & Background

In 1998, the City of Ventura initiated the "Seize the Future" visioning process to reexamine its goals and create a shared vision to guide the community into the future.  "Seize the Future" resulted in the Ventura Vision, a visioning document that established the framework for the 2005 Ventura General Plan.  Subsequently, under the guidance of the Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), the City produced the Comprehensive Plan Background Report (2002), Economic Base Study: City of Ventura (2002), Issues and Alternatives Report (2003) and "Preferred Land Use Scenario" which lay the groundwork of existing conditions, opportunities and constraints, and baseline assumptions that would help realize the Ventura Vision in the 2005 Ventura General Plan.  Among the actions taken during this process of establishing baseline information was the selection of a preferred land use scenario that forms the foundation upon which the 2005 Ventura General Plan is based.  A CPAC presentation prior to transmittal of the Preferred Land Use Scenario to Planning Commission and City Council outlines the basic assumptions built into the scenario that would carry throughout refinement by Planning Commission, City Council and adoption of the 2005 Ventura General Plan.