Pierpont Beach

About the Pierpont Community

Pierpont is the beachfront neighborhood that includes the Ventura Keys -- a residential community with single family residences including boat dock homes with easy access to the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands.  The area is west of the Ventura Harbor and includes shopping, restaurants, beach access and bike path. 

Pierpont community members who wish to get involved can attend the Pierpont Community Council meetings to connect with neighbors, volunteer, raise and resolve issues, and make a difference in their neighborhood.

Projects in the Pierpont Community

Anastasi Development - Corner of Harbor Blvd and Seaward Avenue

MND Case No. EIR-2516 is available for review and comment August 24, 2010 to September 13, 2010.  For Additional Information contact Iain Holt, Senior Planner at iholt@cityofventura.net or (805) 654-7752

Sondermann-Ring Project

On January 22, 2007, City Council approved the Sondermann-Ring project, a high-quality, well-designed development in the Ventura Port District.The project includes:

  • Publicly accessible streets with sidewalks and parkways and new mixed-use center at the project’s core
  • 2.5 acre public park
  • 50 foot wide pedestrian promenadealong waterfront
  • $3.25 million funding for a new FireStation
  • 27 units of affordable housing (15for moderate income families; 12 forlow-income families.
  • Big Step forward for the Harbor
  • Before and After

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Pierpont Community Council is area "4"