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In recent years, Ventura residents have made clear they want a well planned approach to managing growth. They don't want continued suburban sprawl paving over farmland and sensitive hillside areas. Instead, we want to improve vacant or run-down properties with high quality "infill" to provide new jobs, new homes and new stores and services. That's called "Smart Growth: and it is the basis for Ventura's General Plan.

Smart growth builds on our pride in Ventura's history and natural settings. Instead of new development that looks like everywhere else, it promotes interesting, unique neighborhoods and districts, which reflects our values and heritage.

Where can I find out about planning efforts in my neighborhood?

Use the list below to navigate to planning efforts and projects in Ventura's communities.

There are lots of ways to get involved in local government and enhance the quality of life in our community. Attend one of the Community Council public meetings to connect with neighbors, volunteer, raise issues, and make a difference in your neighborhood!

Westside Community Council

Downtown Ventura Organization

Midtown Community Council

Montalvo Community Council

Harbor Community Council

Pierpont Community Council

East Ventura Community Council


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